Advert Database

Advert Database

Looking for a specific advert from the show? Below is a list of all the adverts we’ve made, including which episode of the podcast to find them! Complete with time code so you know where to jump to in an episode! 🙌

⬇️ The list is sorted newest to oldest.

EpisodeAdvert NameTime
Episode 049Never Wake16:25
Episode 048Im-Mobile29:20
Episode 047The Aux Cable Fancast7:00
Episode 043IKEA15:39
Episode 042Pre-Chewed Bubble Gum9:22
Episode 039Fierce Beard17:03
Episode 038Hero Alert Necklace10:31
Episode 037Ice Chest Pillow10:46
Episode 034The Multiplication Station6:13
Episode 032Breaking News13:24
Episode 031Boring Products13:53
Episode 030Misprinted Shirts20:10
Episode 028Applaudible ft. Josh Taylor13:16
Episode 027“Old Spice” Old Phone11:23
Episode 026Yes! Yes! Hair Grower3:59
Episode 025In the Arms of Aux Cable8:24
Episode 024Ryan Matlock’s Patreon & Puns5:43
Episode 022Shorter Commercials5:17
Episode 021Auxy Clan7:09
Episode 019Choco-Late Chocolates5:39
Episode 017Barney’s Bottle Caps17:49
Episode 016Water10:56
Episode 015I Don’t Like The Aux Cable11:10
Episode 014Just Do It11:48
Episode 013Delivery Cannon Lawyers11:52
Episode 011Delivery Cannon7:11
Episode 007Apple Removes the Aux Port6:57
Episode 006Cure to the Common Cough16:20
Episode 005Don’t Eat the Aux Cable ft. Daniel and Hannah10:05
Episode 003Acne Cure15:35
Episode 001The Aux Cable Podcast!12:06

ℹ️ This is the old format for the list. It will be removed eventually.

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