017: Dealing with Work Stress, Stalking People, and When to Date

017: Dealing with Work Stress, Stalking People, and When to Date

How should you deal with stress in the workplace, especially when co-workers and clients are the sources? Ryan and Matthew share their strategies. Also, when should you start dating? (Yes, more relationship advice is headed your way!) But first, Kristen has a serious question for Matthew. Will he give a serious answer? Discover that answer and so much more in this episode of The Aux Cable!

Yes, this episode does include bloopers, and a sprinkling of swanky sound effects! And be sure to join the tweet-storm using #BarneysBottleCaps.

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Special thanks toΒ Gabe MillerΒ for our intro and outro music.


    1. Lucky!!!!!!!! I don’t remember asking a serious question! I must ask too many because I can’t remember what I asked!!

  1. Hey Matthew, is your timer noise a Mario sound effect, or does it just sound like one?

    1. Oh, nice catch! ? It’s actually one of the default sounds on my phone (it’s called “chime”). But you’re right; it does sound like a Mario sound effect!!

          1. You know, buying the Parry Gripp 50 song party pack seemed like a good idea 4 years ago, but now that the songs actually annoy ME now… I kinda regret my decision…

  2. Ryan, your fb posts are private. For someone to stalk you there, they would have to send you a friend request.

      1. I know that. I liked their page forever ago. But he said to stalk his fb. How can I do that, if it’s all private?

        1. You can’t, my point was that the Aux Cable page stated Ryan’s age on his birthday…

      1. You didn’t want to. I’m pretty sure you guys have a verbal contract that you state every episode. “we get you plugged in to advice on everything (everything)”

  3. So we’re obviously already blowing this comment section up again, so we either need a forum fast, or, if we should move this to twitter, we need some organized way to do that.

    1. …well, I don’t think it’ll go to twitter. I know Carrot and I don’t have that. I said on another comment thread we need a fb group. But Carrot doesn’t have that either

      1. So forum it is, then? Don’t want anyone left out! I feel like we do need something to tweet about, though, so Ryan and Matthew will stop cOmPlAiNiNg AlReAdY (But seriously, I don’t know what to tweet! Plus we go over 140 characters a lot)

          1. Capitalizing every other letter is just my form of excessive sarcasm/voice cracking. (Or it’s a secret code for Only People Playing Auxen Never Arrive Really Always Yesterday….. I have no idea where I’m going with this, but I’m still typing and not going back.)

        1. If I had twitter, and I wasn’t me. I would say
          “Now Kristen doesn’t have to wait anymore!! #staystrongkristen #auxcableshow #Barneysbottlecaps”

          1. But that wouldn’t result in a deep meaningful conversation of browser games…

          2. Yeah, a forum would be nice as I have no form of social media… Then discussions could take off… Plus, it’d be way more organized…

          3. It’s done. At least they have 1 thing in the hashtag now! But yeah, we definitely need some organization.

          4. The tweet is done. And I’ll totally let you know! By the way, Kristen, what’s up with the different nickname for your comments?

          5. Josiah is a Carrot. Olivia is typically called Olive by me irl. So she changed hers. And I like Poulet Frit (french for fried chicken)

          6. I put the Aux Cable twitter handle in there, so I guess it only shows up under tweets and replies. I’m pretty new to twitter myself, so I’m not totally sure how to go about posting what things where.

        1. Did you see the presuperbowl commercial? With all the famous people singing about how their teams are bad and then there is the pats fan who is like “but everyone hates the falcons”?

          1. It’s so sad though. Losing…to the falcons!! (At least it’s not the dolphins)

  4. Halftime show is over.

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
    For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah
    For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

    1. It wasn’t that bad. At least she didn’t forget her lyrics and throw a fit *cough* Mariah Carey *cough* new years eve *cough cough*

      1. I didn’t watch either show, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about… but I think I can pretty safely assume that Lady Gaga wasn’t anywhere near as good as Coldplay (which would have been better without Bruno Mars and Beyonce).

          1. …if Gronk wasn’t hurt…and Brady remembered how to play, we wouldn’t be in this position

          2. It’s true… though you would think Edelman and Hogan would be able to catch the ball, too.

          3. Right!!! But whatever, Falcons have only won one superbowl ever. Maybe they need this to hold them over for like 20 more years.
            There is always next season.

    1. Auxen is my personal favorite, but I like FACEs for the super fans! Of course, it doesn’t make as much sense without using ACEs too, but Fanatical Aux Cable Enthusiasts can stand by itself.

          1. Can we blame the defense not being good tonight on the fact that Mayo retired?

  5. also, all them ladies listening to Ryan talking about relationships are swooning! (and please remake the video you talked about that you had made on your old channel)

      1. Same, but it’s very encouraging to hear someone still so young talk about what a healthy relationship actually is. I’m still in high school, and seeing the way most “couples” act towards each other is honestly painful and saddening to watch.

          1. Forget cloning Ryan and Matthew, somebody cloned Gostkowski, only the clone can kick better than he can.

        1. It looks so good… I could rant about it for a really long time. I know Arms is getting a ton of flack, but I honestly think it looks really fun.

    1. Come on come on!! They need to get the ball, and have 2 minutes on the clock to work with. They have done more with less time before.



    1. I am going to probably buy a new jersey to celebrate…in a few months when the prices aren’t as high.

  7. Guys I thought we weren’t going to blow up the comment section. Josiah, what have you done to us? This horrible habit must end!! We’re at 173 comments and it’s still only the night of the podcast’s release! Cease and desist, fellow ACES and FACES! Go in peace. And resist the urge to reply to this comment.

  8. “Love is more than a word, it’s a noun and a verb, and hiding it’s absurd. Ya heard.” Points to anybody that can name the song. (I actually commented about the episode this time!)

      1. “Ready or not” ft LeCrae and produced by Britt Nicole. Everyone gets one last comment if they desire it and then we must wait for Wednesday. We mustn’t test Ryan and Matthew’s patience, for what is given can be taken away…

        This is my final comment on this episode

        1. I’m not going to quit talking to my Internet friends via the comment section until there is a forum.
          And if Ryan and Matthew want us to stop, they can comment and tell us. Until then, I will continue talking to my fellow auxen friends.

          1. Also, I still need to release the weekly stats, and if I don’t do it on this episode, I’m going to have to do three on the next.

          2. Well, if you include Ryan posting about technical difficulties. And to answer your second question, school.

        2. I agree with Kristen and Josiah that, at least for now, we should still use the comments since there’s no alternative communication for them. I guess when Wednesday *dawn*s, we’ll see if we actually get a forum! That’ll clear these comments up.

          1. Hopefully we do, these comments can get hard to follow if you aren’t constantly keeping up with them.

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