Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Ryan Matlock

Host & Producer

Husband. Father. PUNSTER! Ryan is a content creator who loves to make people laugh. Chances are, they'll learn something along the way though. He's also a bit of a nerd, especially when it comes to what's popular in Christian/homeschool sub-culture such as Adventures in Odyssey, Blimey Cow, and more. His wife told him to write "he makes a mean steak" here, but he wouldn't brag like that. She said it, not him (he does enjoy cooking though).

Also, his hair is currently on fleek.

Matthew Bird


Canadian by birth, podcaster by choice, ginger by genetics, comedic by coincidence. Matthew has many interests and tries to find the fun, adventurous things in life. He currently lives in British Columbia. (Yes, he's Canadian. Deal with it!)

Also, Matthew is a little crazy, but we'll pretend that he's normal, okay? Cools.

Angelina Ariola

Social Media Specialist

Fun, fashionable, friendly, fishy. Just some of the words that begin with 'F'. 😉 Angie always keeps life interesting and fun! She currently lives in Oregon.

Also, her hair changes colour occasionally. But she's still the same Angie!

Hannah Matlock

Assistant Editor

Just a Christian small town girl happily married to Ryan Matlock and mother of Eliana. Hannah loves the joys of content creation, DIY projects, and encouraging/supporting friends along the way.

As a homemaker, Hannah desires to be "extraordinary at the ordinary." A nerd about many random topics, Hannah can talk your ear off on subjects ranging from history to meteorology to minimalism to time management techniques to human health. She loves a good DIY project, particularly one that fits her frugal-loving nature and fascination with sustainability.

    We’d also like to acknowledge and thank all of our listeners for their contributions to the show. Especially those that helped put together the fancast episodes!

    You can contribute by sending us a question or getting involved in our Not-Forum.

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