What Happened to Ryan

What Happened to Ryan

Everyone take a seat

I’m going to tell you a story. A story of loss, pain, sweat, and tears.

Once upon a time… Tuesday in fact, Ryan sat down at his desk for a fun-filled time editing the Wednesday edition of the Aux Cable podcast. He opened his computer, typed in the password, and loaded up his editing program.

It was at this point that he realized that his mouse didn’t work. He tried everything, but he couldn’t get his mouse to work.

When it finally started working, it was past the point of no return for Ryan. He wouldn’t have the ability to finish the podcast on time.

So he sent the half-edited files to Matthew, and the podcast will be up soon!

Thanks for sticking with us!



    1. For a second there, I legit thought Ryan might have died or something… then I realized he was the one that wrote the post. 😀

    1. WAAAIIITTTT… SCRATCH THAT… What if what I predicted happened… What if they were taken hostage and now are being cloned… BY THE ILLUMINATI… Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of MatPat lately… But really… Think about it…

  1. Oh my goodness, you people!! ? This is great!!

    Also, when Ryan said, “…the podcast will be up soon,” he meant it’s gonna take a little while. (I haven’t edited audio in six months!! I’m kinda out of practice. ?) But yes. It will be soon!! ?

    1. As long as soon means, “sometime before next week’s episode”, we won’t riot too much! 🙂

  2. I wasn’t scared that Ryan got kidnapped (because he’s not gagged and tied in my house), hurt, cloned, or anything; I was scared that he lost everything they recorded and we wouldn’t have an episode…

    1. Kristen, if we kidnapped Ryan we would obviously take him to my house. I live in the middle of nowhere, no one would find him!

  3. Ryan, your story was great, but not much of a story (hear me out).
    I write short stories, and if I were to have written that, in my own style, this would be it:
    “I’m going to tell you a story, one of loss, pain, and agony.
    It was a dreary Tuesday afternoon, Ryan was just sitting down to edit this week’s episode of his podcast. As his computer started up, he couldn’t help but think about how demanding his fans were. Some truly terrify him.
    He knew that if the episode didn’t get put up, the fans would riot and angry comments would stream in.
    He slowly types in his password, as his phone goes off again, for the hundredth time today, because of a comment. He moved his mouse, but it didn’t respond. He starts to panic, spam clicking everywhere. No response.
    After several, long hours of trying to fix his mouse, he was able to start editing. Just then, he looked at the time on his phone. He won’t be able to finish before he has to leave.
    “This is it,” he thought, “they are going to be livid!”
    For an hour, Ryan thought about how he could go into hiding, until the fans cooled down. It was at that moment, that he remembered the co-host, Matthew, knew how to edit audio.
    As quickly as he could, he called up Matthew. After explaining his frustration, begging and pleading, and almost being brought to tears, Matthew agreed to finish editing.
    Matthew wasn’t afraid like Ryan. He knew that the fans loved him, and wouldn’t blame him for anything. So, he got to work, having to refresh his memory on how to edit audio.
    This week’s episode will be late, Ryan will be looking over his shoulder every couple minutes, thinking that an angry fan has found him. He will be looking for one fan in particular. The episode will come out, it will be amazing, and all will be forgiven.”

        1. Thank you. I enjoy writing creepy short stories, and turning down the creepiness wasn’t too hard.

          1. I once wrote a play about Kylo Ren, Mr. Rogers, Hulk, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz having a discussion while in Gamestop, so your composition definitely isn’t terribly weird. I’m still amazed that my Mom actually let me count that play for school…

          2. Once for school, I had to write a nonfiction essay on how something came to be.
            So I wrote a dark story about how aliens created the Dyson company. Basically the teenage son wanted to create a vacuum so he didn’t have stopped sweep the carpets. And his mom discouraged his idea, so he ran away and met a girl. She ended up killing him, and sent the mom the blueprints of the vacuum, and a freaky note. But in my story, Dyson was originally spelled “Dieson” because the son died…I got a 100.

          3. I take a writing class right now, and I wrote an essay on how cats are evil. And I used fake facts to prove it. And somehow I passed…

          4. You haven’t mentioned that before.
            I like making up fake facts to support my opinions too, makes me feel like a politician.

  4. Are we still submitting names for the Fandom? Cuz I came up with a few. Hey, Josiah, Mason, Olivia, Brooke, Dawn (you have my favorite name btw) and Kirsten! What do you think of my submissions?

    The Auxie Clan
    Auxies (like Aussies)
    The Aux Files

    1. I think it’s fine to submit more options. I would say the Aux Files is the best out of those… I’m not sure why we would call ourselves files, though. Auxies is also pretty good. While we’re at it, how about Auxtoroks or Auxtopi?

    2. I like Aux Files! Maybe that could be a name for the Fancast Josiah proposed in episode 16’s comments.

      1. Ooh! That’s a good idea… biggest problem being that probably none of us know how to edit audio… or have mics that are any good.

        1. Well… yeah I guess that’s a bit of a problem. But we could learn! It could become a thing eventually, just not now.

          1. Well, I think that learning to edit as you go is a thing. You can only learn, really… But yeah, that mic one is definitely a problem for most… But hey, I have hope… One day, in the far off future…

          2. I could probably borrow some sort of mic from my brother, but it would be simpler to have my own… and I would prefer to have something that’s actually decent, which is an issue for someone with a low budget. #runonsentence #badgrammar

          3. My dad has a mic I can use, but, same thing, I would like to have my own. I’m not even sure how often I could use his mic anyway, since in a few months I’ll be in college. There is hope though! The fact that we’re thinking about this now (and the fact that Matthew and Ryan certainly don’t have a lack of comments anymore) means we have a lot to say and the desire to say it!

  5. When the episode finally goes up, could you edit this post and replace everything below the first two sentences with the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

  6. Hopefully we get the episode today! 😀
    Question, if we get a late episode this week, do we not get a Wednesday episode too? Are you guys skipping a week because of the delay this week?

  7. Olive said comments are being stupid for her, so this is a test comment to see if it’s just her phone.

    1. The problem is, her and I are trying to change our names. So the comments are “awaiting moderation”. So in a bit, they will be up.

    1. I’m somewhat confused myself. Maybe at some point it will dawn on you… yeah… I’m as obsessed with puns as Ryan…

    1. I make puns a lot during my homeschool coop. My friends tried enforce a pun limit last year… it didn’t work.

          1. Because you give up stuff for Lent…and…

            You know what? nevermind. I won’t attempt to redress my attempt at a pun.

          2. Ah. Now I get it. It was a little obtuse… you really have to be coming from the right angle to get puns. *cough* yeah…

      1. It more or less represents all of us though… not just you. You’ve just somehow become the stereotype.

  8. I greatly dislike this podcast. It is all my sister talks about. Ever. All of the time. Like, Kristen never stops.

    1. I am suspicious as to whether this is actually Kaitlyn, or whether this is Kristen or Olivia pretending to be Kaitlyn.

        1. It doesn’t really surprise me… I think my sister gets annoyed by the amount I talk about it, too.

          1. She gets annoyed at me for talking about nothing but taxes, this podcast, and Ryan’s tax problems that he doesn’t know that he has.

  9. The Aux Files is a riff on the X-Files 😛 And yes! The Auxie Clan is totally a riff on Oxi Clean! Glad someone got that one lol

    Auxtoroks and Auxtopi are kinda hard to say… And the FACES thing is cool, but it’s not obvious that it means “Fans of the Aux Cable” like the ones that are puns using the word “Aux.”

    1. Shoot. I feel like an idiot because I didn’t get the Auxie Clan pun… now that I get it, I would say it’s one of our better options.

    1. My whole family thinks it’s hilarious that they are taunting me (well, mostly Angie). I just want the episode out!!!

      1. I would totally wear that shirt, though… #art #StayStrongKristen

        But really, it’s not a bad idea. It’s free advertising for them… Not even free, we pay THEM to advertise on us!

        1. I feel like I should get the shirt for free, it has my name on it. Although, I would pay for the shirt because I really want it…

      1. That would be nice… they’ll probably release it during the Super Bowl when they know that nobody (except me) will be paying attention.

        1. I have to watch superbowl. (Already rocking my jersey) but right after, if it’s out, I will listen to it because olive is here.

          1. We don’t have cable, and I don’t really want to watch the game online, so I will probably still be checking at the usual rate…

          2. We don’t have cable either, just satellite. But Super Bowl is huge in my house (at least the commercials are), and it’s my mom’s birthday.

          3. We have some weird digital thingy that only gets ABC, NBC, and CBS. It’s also Hank Aaron’s birthday.

          4. We have a flat antenna that hangs on the wall, got it from Walmart. But we just get basic channels as well.

          1. I’ll probably be one of the only ones that would actually listen to the episode during the game, though. I’m a terrible Patriots fan…

          2. Yes, yes you are. I will at least wait til after the game…or after halftime, because the game will be reeaaalllyyyy long.

          3. Well, it’s not like the half-time show is worth watching, sooo…

          4. I know the half time show will be awful, but I wanna watch at least half the game before going to bed.

          5. I probably won’t even put the game on… There’s just really no reason. If I can watch the “Best Superbowl Commercials Recap” tomorrow on YouTube, what’s the point… I’ll just keep refreshing this page, waiting… And waiting… And waiting…

          6. Lol, super bowl is an excuse to eat a lot of food. Although, everyone I know is cheering against the Patriots. Because “I’m tired of seeing them win”

          7. Almost everyone I know is cheering FOR the Patriots… but that’s what happens when you live in New England…

          8. I would love to see that!! Being in the south, Pats fans are hard to come by.

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