It Isn’t a Forum!

It Isn’t a Forum!

In episode 17, Ryan and I talked about the “comment kerfuffle of 2017” and our plan to foster more discussion here on the website. For those who haven’t listened to that episode, let me fill you in with this post. But really, you should also listen to the episode. It’s a lot of fun!

Recently there’s been a bunch of great discussion going on in the comment sections. But with each new thread of discussion that gets started, things get confusing quite quickly.  The comment section isn’t as conducive to in-depth conversation as say… a forum. So we talked about it for a bit, and, much to Ryan’s chagrin, we’ve decided to introduce a new feature for the website.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present… our brand new discussion board! Also known as a “forum”. But we’re not calling it that. At all. Seriously.

We’ve added a new tab to the menu labelled “not-forum”. Click it to access this new, wondrous land, and get chatting with your fellow Auxen! ?


  1. Matthew, you called us Auxen. Is that the next one we are trying out, or do you just like that name most?

    1. It sounded right for that sentence, especially since it’s a plural noun. *shrugs* Also, I do like that moniker, but it’s so hard to pick just one with all of the great suggestions we’ve gotten!

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