018: Finding Nemo Quotes, Drawing Inspiration, and More

018: Finding Nemo Quotes, Drawing Inspiration, and More

We answer your questions about… well, not advice. But anything else is up for discussion!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve had to do? Tweet us your answers – along with your favorite Finding Nemo quotes – using #AuxCableShow.

Stay tuned for a few BLOOPERS!

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Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


    1. Matthew, if you want someone to commiserate with, I ACTUALLY don’t listen to TØP, unlike My Name’s Blurrymason over here. 😀

  1. Quote for the week:
    Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, let tomorrow worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

  2. I kinda like shorter episodes, but I also like longer episodes…I’m conflicted. Either way, every episode is great!! Laughing bloopers kill me each and every time!!

  3. Hey Olivia, you could also draw Zelda characters. Or me making puns. That could be problematic, though, since you have no idea what I look like.

    1. Lol, unfortunately I’ve never played Legend of Zelda. 🙁 Though I could probably draw you in a somewhat animated form if I had a description. (I hope that’s not creepy…)

    2. You don’t have to give me your description haha. But I would be very happy if you had more drawing suggestions!

      1. I would be amused to see a drawing of what you think I look like. Alternatively, you could draw a winged Matthew playing a Cello and singing While by My Sheep.

        1. Hahahaha, so no description? Ok, I might just try to draw you based on what I think you look like…. To the Matthew playing the Cello, ummmmm that sounds hard.

  4. Hey, how come you guys didn’t answer all my useless Zelda questions on this episode? 😀

  5. Thanks guys! I definitely want to draw something from Finding Nemo or Finding Dory. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies! 😀

  6. Matthew’s Finding Nemo impressions are on point. Love those quotes.

    Also, I’m right on board with you Ryan when it comes to bees. 😛 I’ve never been stung either, but I don’t plan to be and wasps freak me out pretty badly too.

    1. I have been stung by a bee, on my face, as a child. I have been terrified of the sound ever since

  7. about the whole credits and watching moves thing, why on EARTH do people clap when movies are over???? no one who made the movie is there to hear your applause!!!

    1. …I have never noticed how weird it is. It doesn’t happen often, only like…after a Madea movie, and I think it happened after I watched Civil War. But…that is weird and I just never noticed

  8. Ah darn you squandered the #auxcableshow bummer.

    And what is with all these meta questions? Seriously, today l have tried to answer “what’s your greatest accomplishment?” “What’s your favorite highschool memory? and now “what’s the scariest thing you’ve had to do?” Guys I don’t have enough brainpower for this D:

  9. My favorite Finding Nemo quote has always been “I’m dead. I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead, I died, I’m dead.”
    Don’t feel bad, Matthew, I cried during Moana too. Also, really liking the new episode banners!

  10. I promise, I did listen to the episode when it came out, but I’m only just getting around to commenting! Anyway…

    1. When my family goes through movie credits, we call out random names throughout to thank them for working on the movie even though they get, like, 10 seconds of recognition (so they move up to 12 seconds maybe).

    2. Yeah, bottling things up is a huge problem for me. But I was wondering if y’all would catch my rhyme! (I didn’t mean it as I was typing, but I realized afterwards!)

    3. My #StayStrongKristen was actually something I tweeted for her since she’s one of the ones who doesn’t have twitter.

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