034: Creating Content You Don’t Consume, Improv Music, and Our NEW INSIDE JOKE!

034: Creating Content You Don’t Consume, Improv Music, and Our NEW INSIDE JOKE!

If you don’t read comic books, should you really be writing one? How do you write a short song about joy and hope that’s under 30 seconds and then record it? Matthew and Ryan answer both of those and discuss fidget cubes! But first, we introduce our brand new inside joke.

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  1. “Schlumpsched” does not appear to be a word, but we can change that.


  3. Matthew, we’ve already determined that your blood type is Maple Syrup.

  4. “He was in the trailer.” In this case, doesn’t mean it was in the movie…

  5. If forgetting to script an opening means Ryan ends up making more puns, y’all should forget things more often.

  6. LOVE the commercialization station. It gave me the realization station that you should rule the nation station.

  7. Oh, yes Ryan. You should know about TOPHAT. In fact, TOPHAT spamm–err… Kerfuffled Who Would Build The Roads… And we plastered this podcasts name on it…. And no, we’re not a cult. We’re just a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc… You know…

  8. Absolutely loved the commercial. 😛 I’ve always been a huge AIO fan. With the exception of the most recent few albums (which I missed hearing when they aired) I’ve heard every single episode.

    1. Hey! It’s Joshua! The last couple albums have been pretty bad in my opinion… especially the last one.

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