Aux Cable UPDATE!

Aux Cable UPDATE!

Hey everyone! Ryan here.

Matthew and I have had a lot of things happening on top of the weekly releases, and I’d like to take this time to give you all an update on what we have planned coming up as well as where we are with the show.


Episode 034

It’s almost done. However, because this is the third week Matthew or I have been late with an episode, we’ve decided to do two things to fix this perpetual issue.


  1. Taking some time off

Episode 034 will release on June 7th. There may be one other day in June that we take a week off of Aux Cable release, but that is yet to be determined.


  2. Saying Goodbye to Wednesdays

Releases will be less predictable from this point forward. Matthew and I have both realized that our schedules at the moment are unpredictable, and therefore when we have the time to produce episodes is also unpredictable. As such, we have updated our release information to state that we do release weekly, but not necessarily on Wednesdays.

We are hoping to go back to a consistent Wednesday release sometime in the near future (less than a year).


Weekly Recs

We’re still doing it. Things have just been crazy recently. Regularly scheduled recs returning soon.


Live Streams

Currently, live streams are available for $10 Patrons only. This is because it was something I thought would be a good reward for Patrons who supported the show. However, it has come to my attention that live streams are a resource that many people would enjoy having access to, even those unable to support me on Patreon.

So, on Patreon, I’ve set a new goal for $100. We’re nearly there, currently at $89 worth of pledges. Once this goal is reached, we’ll do a minor overhaul of our rewards system, making live streams available to everyone (EVERYONE!) and likely replacing the $10 reward with something even better. Don’t worry faithful Patrons, you’ll be getting even MORE with this change.

It’ll be epic.


P.O. Box

We had multiple people a while back asking if there was a way for us to receive fan mail. Well, you asked and we responded. I set a goal on Patreon stating that I’d set up a P.O. box once we hit $30. And that happened WAY faster than I expected.

It was so awesome and really caught me off guard.

I’m currently looking into the logistics of setting up a P.O. box, as well as what the best option would be to serve those who’d want to send letters of any sort. So stay tuned for future information regarding that.


The Survey

We recently released a survey to find out how everyone’s enjoying the Aux Cable, how we can improve, as well as so we can better understand our community and what’s important to you. We’d be super grateful if you took some time to fill it out real quick, and you can do so here.


June 28th

We’re doing something cool, hip, and rad.

But it’s a surprise.

Let’s just say, you DON’T want to miss it.



  1. Guys, take some time off. Enjoy yourselves. You’ve done a great job. You’ve earned any breaks you need.

  2. Yeah, I figured something like this would probably come at some point. I think what you guys are deciding to do is very reasonable, and I look forward to whatever the future holds for the show.

  3. Rest yourselves. I’m glad to hear you’ve settled on opening up the live stream to non-patrons I was getting lonely in the live stream. Once all the faces are in there things are going to get weird in a good way.

      1. …except I wouldn’t be in the chat myself, I would be spamming other people… not much of a loss, though.

  4. My mom has said that with acs live streams, I can set up whatever that needs set up so I can comment.
    Yall watch out.
    Get them $11 more.

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