049: Countering a SQUIRREL UPRISING

049: Countering a SQUIRREL UPRISING

This episode was originally meant to be released June of 2019. References to BlimeyCon or time are made to correlate to this time.

Welp, it’s another episode of the Aux Cable! Today we find out how to transition from homeschooling to public school, how to get friends to open up to you, and how to conquer the squirrel uprising, and all in time for tea!

All of this, and more on this week’s episode of THE AUX CABLE! (so glad I finally finished this episode, sorry guys)

Question of the Week

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Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music, and to everyone supporting Ryan’s Patreon.


  1. Poor Curtis couldn’t inagrate properly into public school, can your answers still make a turnaround in his life?????

  2. Imagine going to a mattress store and having the salesman explain that you can’t try out the latest Never Wake without paying for it beforehand, since they’ve had issues trying to wake people up to pay after a test run.

  3. That was me that made the collage! 🙂 I’m glad y’all remembered it.
    Also, a good suggestion for an excuse for the lateness of this episode (courtesy of my boyfriend): you both had NeverWake mattresses and couldn’t finish editing because of them.

    Has Matthew seen Endgame yet?

  4. I kinda want to write a script for a squirrel force audio drama and then make it into an audiodrama

  5. Finally got around to listening to this episode! Really enjoyed it, especially the NeverWake ad (absolutely fantastic) and the AIO references. Looking forward to the next one, whenever that is. 🙂

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