048: How to BREAK IN to Cliques

048: How to BREAK IN to Cliques

Ryan and Matthew are back! And Ryan’s MARRIED?!?

Cliques can be difficult things to deal with. Thankfully, Matthew and Ryan have the answers for how to break into cliques and circumvent traditional totem poles of high school population contest hierarchies.

(Note from Ryan, sorry for my microphone quality this episode. It kept making popping noises and I’m not sure why).

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Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music, and to everyone supporting Ryan’s Patreon.


  1. I remember “breaking in” to join the F.A.C.E.s: I was wanting to do a comment kerfuffle on Episode 179 of the Inner Tube and I needed some helpers. Since the F.A.C.E.s were planning on an Inner Tube kerfuffle at some point anyway, it worked out. Grateful for their assistance, I started reading and interacting with more of the Not-Forum, eventually becoming integrated into the fandom. 🙂

  2. Since Ryan doesn’t have feet, does that mean he’s defeeted and soleless?

    Seriously though, this was a good episode, even if neither of you remembered how to do the intro and outro XD

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