037: The Aux Cable Fancast Christmas 2017 Special

037: The Aux Cable Fancast Christmas 2017 Special

What happens when fans of the Aux Cable decide they want a Christmas special? Well, this does! Happy (Belated) Christmas!

We were seriously blown away by the incredible work that you all put into all of this. From the creative original segments, to getting Chris in on it, to making music, recording and producing the whole episode, just ALL OF IT! Both I (Ryan) and Matthew enjoyed listening to it, and were touched by the simple fact that you FACEs took the time to put this together.

Question of the Week

Did you enjoy this episode by the fans for the fans? We sure did. Let us know on Twitter or in the comment section using the hashtag #AuxCableFancast.

  • Original Episode Uploaded December 21st, 2017: Soundcloud
  • Music: Franklin
  • Editing: Franklin
  • Segments: Franklin, Jeff Ross, Shining Dawn, Josiah the Carrot Stick, Awkward Potato, Bekah (Wiley Coyote), Chris Howard, & Masøn M.
  • Questions provided by: Kristen (Poulet Frit)
  • And thank you to all the other FACEs that helped brainstorm and who supported this project during production.

Do you have a question for Ryan and Matthew? Send it to us and it might be answered!

Special thanks to Franklin (Propelling Point) for the original Fancast intro and outro music.



          1. I concur with Bekah, it is indeed harder than it looks. I too, recorded multiple times.

          2. My sister and I received a strange envelope from the midwest once, with a riddle inside the envelope. Granted, it was indirectly from our siblings.

          3. “This question is… from… Kristen.” Whoever recorded that segment should’ve edited out that gap.

          4. This kid sounds way too excited to answer the question about history, must mean the segment is terrible.

          5. Should’ve left out your opinions on historical politics, dude. Nobody cares and nobody thinks it’s funny.

          6. I love how both Masøn and the weirdo kid ripped off Veggie Tales without coordinating.

          7. “Some of us have.”
            Yeah, and the weirdo kid didn’t. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT, WEIRDO KID?

          8. Wait but what is the climate of Botswana? If the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, I may not be able to function.

          9. Franklin, I heard a rumor that the weirdo kid was also going to get a piano for Matthew. But for some strange and stupid reason, he did not record an Editor’s Choice segment.

        1. It isn’t a cubicle, because the budget for TOPHAT allocated to the office is sufficient to provide a spacious spare room for me to operate out of. The room is large enough to echo a bit. I have some ideas for how to reduce the echo, but I haven’t tested them yet. The room also has a door that can lock, to aid in the “operationally unobtrusive” part of the office’s work.

          1. (Above was my answer to “What does the HOWDAREYOU’s office look like? Is it a cubicle?”…I forgot how the comments were formatted before I posted my response.)

    1. I actually recorded almost all of my “Editor’s Choice” responses twice, and I couldn’t decide which ones to keep so I sent them all to Franklin (and there were around 40 responses, so he listened to around 80 reactions that he could have put into the show). I was impressed with how he was able to pick some of the best to include in this episode.

  1. Loved that! xD So glad I randomly thought to check if there was a new episode today, wasn’t disappointed. I especially enjoyed the pointless facts and history segments. Loved all the humor too! xD

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