Weekly Recommendations – 01/12/18

Weekly Recommendations – 01/12/18

Man, I really like video. Who could tell right? It’s not like it’s my job and hobby at the same time.

But I’m always looking to improve and expand my knowledge of video filming and producing techniques, which is why I recommend:

Peter McKinnon

I discovered Peter when I was on a photography and photoshop kick and was looking for tutorials for Photoshop. Little did I know he’s an absolute boss when it comes to shooting B-Roll and being a powerhouse of knowledge for you name it in the creative media world.

He has nearly 1,600,000 subscribers, and plenty of videos to keep you learning more and more every time you stumble on a new one. He’s got tutorials for tons of Adobe products, as well as suggestions on equipment, software, and little-known tricks that will up your content game.

Check out Peter McKinnon!



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