024: Promoting and Creating Content with CHRIS HOWARD

024: Promoting and Creating Content with CHRIS HOWARD

Chris Howard joins us to talk about how to effectively promote your content and how to gain inspiration. Will Matthew be able to handle Ryan and Chris’s pun-power combined? Probably.

Question of the week: What would Chris’s new name be if he somehow offended us like Robert Fire? Tweet us your answer with the hashtag,  #AuxCable024.

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Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


  1. …Matthew told me to see it through. So I must.

    That was a fffffreaking good episode!!

  2. Also, after Chris said “Christake” did Ryan say Kristen or am I hearing things? He said something, I just can’t quite make it out and need a second opinion.

    1. Olive said they both said christake. Which is good because I would hate to get “upset” about Ryan calling me a christake.
      Reasons why you shouldn’t listen to things at 630am

  3. I just want the records to show that I was the first of the people to comment to listen this this… I listened to it at 1:30 AM and did not feel like commenting that early… 😀

    1. I had just closed my computer then… I figured at that point it was better to finish my homework earlier in the morning rather than later at night…

      (I got it done, though!)

  4. Hey Ryan, if you don’t have time to edit the episode I can edit it… ?

  5. well, in case anyone wants to check out my channel, it’s youtube.com/calebpacko AND, thanks for answering my question guys!

    1. I’ve watched a few of your videos… but I will watch more! Also, asking a question on here or on the Inner Tube is a pretty good way of getting viewers without really trying…

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