023: The Busiest Week Ever, Plus a New Patron!

023: The Busiest Week Ever, Plus a New Patron!

Ryan is solo this week to tell you what is going on with the Aux Cable! Also, how do you properly format an Aux Cable question?

Question of the week: Would you be interested in a live option for the podcast through Patreon? Tweet us your answer with the hashtag,  #AuxCable23.

Contact us with your questions!


Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


          1. Hey Awkward Potato, did we mention that you’re in the March FACEoff?

  1. “Or if you’ve been stalking my social media…”

    I think we all know who that was directed towards…

  2. Well, I hope your work is going and continues to go well. I hope that rather than this podcast being a burden, it can be a place where you can rest. Even if it means slightly less edited episodes (thus resulting in longer episodes), I hope it doesn’t just become another thing on your to-do list!

  3. I always forget that Ryan reads the notforum…like I know that he does, but then when he mentions something that was said, I’m always taken aback.

      1. It’s always in the back of my mind, and then he mentions something one of us said and I’m like “…oh yeah…he reads that…everyone can read that…poor people gotta deal with my autocorrect”

  4. Ryan, as for your work, podcasting, youtubing, and family and friends, there is a balance that needs found. I’m ok with mostly unedited, it’s cool. And if you are late, we understand, we may just only flip out in the notforum to be overdramatic.
    This episode is almost a week late, short, and has only been up for a little bit, and look at this support. That’s all we want to do, support you (But not on patreon cuz we broke as heck).
    Your life is currently undergoing a huge change, and you are adjusting, as someone who has lived in 5 different places, I understand, and I know the other FACE’s do as well. We ask you for advice, so obviously we care about you and what you think etc. Your mental stability and sleep is very important so if you miss a couple weeks (consecutively or not) or a few episodes are late, we will understand.

  5. No pop filter for this one? Or do you just edit the pops out? I’m just glad you guys FINALLY posted a new episode!

      1. Huh. That’s better than I would expect for a headphone mic… but I don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh, and Rex, you’re nominated in the March FACEoff.

  6. I love the name of that one patron “Cats Everywhere.” If anyone has ever seen me on YouTube in the comments, you’ll know why.

    I wish it was me…but I’m broke 🙁

    1. Found you! Not like where you live, just your Youtube channel… I’m trying to be less of a creep… by the way, you were nominated for the March FACEoff in the notforum. Just so you know.

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