031: Making Money with YouTube and Summer Camp Relationships

031: Making Money with YouTube and Summer Camp Relationships

How do you get girls at summer camp and actually develop a relationship? Ryan and Matthew have all of the answers! But first, can you make money by posting videos onto YouTube? What about making money with a podcast? Listen in and you’ll find out!

Question of the Week

What do you think about developing romantic relationships during summer camp? We want to hear your thoughts! (Or Ryan does, at least.) Comment on our website or post on socials with #AuxCableShow.

Send us your questions! Please. We’re begging you.

Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


      1. Realish sponsors? I’m half expecting a sponsorship from Rick Astley.

  1. Not a lot going on on the tweeters? I can @ you a bunch if you like.

          1. Wait, I actually came up with a decent suggestion without even trying?

  2. Can I buy a boring boar board that has been boringly bored by a bored boar borer?

          1. Wow.
            I still agree. Educated guesses mean you’re thinking, and thinking is good.

          2. Exactly! I like thinking. I do it a lot. I’m dEFINITELY a feeler not a thinker, though.

  3. “Ok, people on the forum, please don’t encourage him.”
    Well, Matthew, considering we only have a NOT-forum, I guess we can keep encouraging him!

  4. So do y’all not want any relationship questions, or just any reLAtionship questions?

  5. Another question. Should we @ the show on Twitter when we use the hashtag? Does that make it quicker to find since it notifies the account?

  6. Anybody that does not consider pineapple to be a legitimate pizza topping can answer to me.

  7. “I was in a bookstore… Nordstrom?” No, Matthew, it was not Nordstrom.

  8. Why do you get relationship questions?
    “We get you plugged in to advice on everything (EVERYTHING)”
    I think “relationships” fall under the category of “everything (EVERYTHING)”
    Maybe I’m wrong…idk *shrug*

  9. What do I think about developing romantic relationships during summer camp?

    1. Bologna would be another thing at camp to not start a romantic relationship with.

      1. Do not get romantically involved with bologna, kids! Bologna is a cheater and will only break your heart and leave you!! SAME WITH CHEESE WHIZ!!!!
        (I’m not hurt…nope not at all)

  10. They always put up that front! But you have to turn the can around and read the ingredients so you know what’s truly inside!

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