043: The Anti-IKEA Episode (In other words, we’re distracted)

043: The Anti-IKEA Episode (In other words, we’re distracted)

Today, we anti-discuss the Aces and Faces, Twenty-One Pilots, and overcoming introversion, all while being ANTI-EVERYTHING. So join us as we sip our an-tea for an exciting anti-venture in Aux Cable land!

Question of the Week

How have you learned to combat introversion and make friends? Let us know on Twitter or in the comment section using the hashtag #IntrovertedAuxCable. Also, remember to send us your improv ideas for future commercials!

Do you have a question for Ryan and Matthew? Send it to us and it might be answered!


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    1. I don’t think they’ve read that part of the Not-Forum or listened to that part of the fancast yet…

  1. #IntrovertedAuxCable I just follow the advice from the fancast #SponsoredMessage #NotEatTheColdFries

  2. Hmm, I sort of disagree with the ‘Library Friends’ thing… Defintely make friends with similar interests, but it’s very hard to be friends with similar personalities in my experience. My other introverted friends and I have a hard time starting conversations, and actually talking because we ARE both introverted. If it’s hard for you to talk, find someone who can talk a lot. Not to a point where it’s annoying and a one-way friendship, but enough to where they’re comfortable and you’re comfortable. But that’s my experience.

    Another thing may be rather than trying a single person, try and work your way into a group, and after you’re friends with the group you can befriend the people in the group individually. Every situation is different, but that’s just been what has worked for me…

  3. GUYS. I’M NEW. BUT I’ve been trying to keep this show away from my siblings, because I KNEW what would happen if they DID find it. And then my little sister found it on our podcast subscriptions. And now it’s inescapable. HELP.

    1. Welcome to the comments! I’m afraid I don’t entirely understand your semi-cryptic message, but you are most welcome to head over to the Not-forum if you so desire.

  4. You’re NEW and you KNEW what would happen, but the real question is: Do you have a GNU?

        1. I KNOW, I KNOW, I should’ve also capitalized NO. It was right on the tip of my NOSE that NOES need to be capitalized in situations like this. Everyone KNOWS that.

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