042: Evil YouTube Followers, Workplace Attitudes, and Painful Bowties, Oh MY!

042 The Aux Cable

042: Evil YouTube Followers, Workplace Attitudes, and Painful Bowties, Oh MY!

Is this episode the answer to everything? No. Not even close.

Today, we discuss the how to respond when undesirable people follow your online content, how to improve your personality in the workplace, and why you should wear bowties proudly under threat of pain. 

Question of the Week

Should Ryan stop making puns out of listeners’ names (Sorry Thomas)? Let us know on Twitter or in the comment section using the hashtag #AuxCableTrain. Also, remember to send us your improv ideas for future commercials!


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  1. Dangit, Ryan has hacked the system. We… We need to hide lyrics in our questions. He’ll never see it coming.

  2. If you’re wondering what the Inner Tube had to say in response to Thomas’s question, check out Episode 157. Josh and Kevin joked about it in the show’s intro, then answered the question from the 8:00 to 26:56 mark of the episode (the answer itself is mostly contained in the 15:39 to 22:28 mark). Kevin chose to give Thomas the pseudonym “Justin Case” to protect his identity, whereas the Aux Cable spouted his name and made fun of it. Quite the bully thing to do. #AuxCableTrain Then again, Inner Tube Episode 157 was released on March 7, 2017, almost a full year ago. I hope that Thomas has solved his problem by now, is comfortable with his identity being revealed, and is secure enough in his name being associated with the greatest children’s series about railroads of all time that the puns don’t annoy him tube much.

    Fun Facts: In the comment section of Inner Tube Episode 157, Masøn & Josiah remarked about why Masøn hadn’t released content of his own. Also, Inner Tube Episode 157 was the first time Josh and Kevin promoted Who Would Build The Roads after the release of its first episode, and the remarks about the police in Episode 157 sound so much funnier now with context than they did on 3/7/17. If you decided to listen to the whole forty-one minute episode because you’re missing the Inner Tube, you won’t be disappointed.

    1. I just thought of something that Thomas could have done/could do to deal with the bully: Make a video about it, addressing concerns about “irl” interactions [but not naming any names] from the comfort of your channel. That could make any in-person interaction a little less awkward.

      That reminds me of a famous song that addresses hypothetical bullies:

  3. I actually would like it if Ryan and Matthew used Masøn’s commercial idea for selling the new heavy medal ukuleles, but with Ryan using his “Fierce Beard” voice to do the commercial. Alternatively, call them UKleles and use British voices for the commercial. (UK = United Kingdom)

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