007: Sparking Creativity, Botswana, and Potato Noises

007: Sparking Creativity, Botswana, and Potato Noises

We answer FOUR questions today! We explore the noises potatoes make for different emotions, as well as the native land of Okapis. I also share my expertise on puns in Adler Davidson’s album, and we share our patent pending methods for sparking creativity.

Stay tuned until the end for bloopers! Remember to engage in the conversation online using the hashtag #PotatoScreams .


Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


  1. We are cruel and callous to potatoes. We boil them, cut them, bake them, skin them, and grate them. Potatoes suffer in silence, but now you have given them a voice. #PotatoScreams

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