011: Digornio, Removing Distractions, and Screen Capture Software

011: Digornio, Removing Distractions, and Screen Capture Software

Today, we discuss how Digornio (or Delissio) gets to the grocery store if it’s not delivery, as well as how to focus on your homework, what the best screen capture software is, and even who our biggest fan could be!

Listen all the way through for our regularly scheduled bloopers! Also be sure to join the conversation using #CannonDelivery.

Be sure to contact us if you have a question! Our email is questions@auxcableshow.com.


Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


  1. Hey Aux Cable Guys, 1-800-sho-otitover has to many characters. Ryan’s Grandpa (in listening to the part about studying habits)
    said that you guys are not old enough to say “Back in the day”. Grandpa says,”What can be more fun than 30 Math problems?”.
    Since you guys look “back in the day”, what is your favorite Christmas memory or favorite Christmas tradition and why?

  2. A battle? Like to the death??? That would be fun!! Like Hunger Games, but ACS style and Morgan Freeman has to be the commentator.
    And Ryan, for being all “good with the millennial terms”, you completely missed what canon (one n) means.
    Canon: another word for official, typically used in fanfiction.
    Example: everyone shipped Jordan and Sara, it was headcanon (not official but generally accepted by all). When Jordan said they were together, it became canon.

      1. Ryan wants to ensure he gets a good Christmas present this year lol. Besides, how can one best a grandma? They have “grand” in their title, and we are merely appliances that move air.

  3. Truly, my brother and I are the biggest fans of the Aux Cable Show. We listen to the podcasts on repeat as we forge a grand sword that we affectionately dub “Auxcaliber” after the podcast that battles boredom as we forge a mighty weapon. If you name us your biggest fans, we shall engrave sword’s name into the grasp. Certainly, the highest form of flattery is having a sword named after your podcast.

    1. However, I find it hard to disagree with someone that has a sword (because I value my life), I believe I’m the biggest fan. I send in a lot of questions, and they are featured in most of the episodes. But, I truly believe there can be several biggest fans (just like one can have several best friends), with no need for fighting. I think the ACS fan base is better than that.
      That being said, an ACS style hunger games battle to the death sounds fun!

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