010: Socialization, Coffee, and The Aux Cable MOVIE

010: Socialization, Coffee, and The Aux Cable MOVIE

We’ve been getting a bunch of questions about ourselves, so we decided to answer a bunch of them this week. Find out how we drink our coffee, whether that makes us psychopaths, our favorite Disney TV shows, what tattoos we would get, and more! But first, we discuss the elusive art of interacting with other people. Brace yourselves, you’re about to get plugged in!

Listen all the way through for our regularly scheduled bloopers! Also be sure to join the conversation using #Sarcoffeegus.

Be sure to contact us if you have a question! Our email is questions@auxcableshow.com.


Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


  1. Congrats on reaching double digits!! 🙂 Thank y’all for giving me advice on talking to people (I got the job) and for also not being completely psychotic!

  2. If I were ORDERED to get a tatoo I, like Ryan, would get a dot but on the bottom of my big toe. Nobody would ever see it. And My question last week was “Who is Jack Flat?” Sorry guys but I got the last name wrong. I should have asked “Who is Jack Squat?” Ryan said he didn’t know him and I don’t know him either. Matthew, do you know him? 😉

      1. That moment when you think you should reply to this even though it’s over a year later.

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