030: Bucket Lists, Vlogging Daily, and Procrastination

030: Bucket Lists, Vlogging Daily, and Procrastination

What crazy things do we want to do in our lives? Find out when we discuss and compare our bucket lists! We also give advice about vlogging daily and pro…cras…tinating.

Question of the Week

So, what’s on your bucket list? We want to know! Do you even have a bucket list? Is it sane like Ryan’s list? Let us know here on our website, or by tweeting with #AuxCable30.


We can answer your questions, too! Or we can try! Either way, send us your question and we may answer it on the show!

Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


  1. Oh, I get it. There aren’t any comments before mine because everyone else is pro…cras…tin..a…ting in their comment writing.

    I wrote the first comment to an Aux Cable episode. That’s one thing checked off my bucket list. 😀 #AuxCable30

    1. That or everyone is sleeping… Like I’m supposed to be… It’s 1:00AM… I’m listening to the episode… Pray for me in the morning XD

  2. Funny enough I just finished that online academy class last week… Hopefully utilizing to your tips and the summer I can catch up and finish this whole year of school… And then start one day academy next year where I can really use the advice lol…

  3. My bucket list consists of me coming into an infinite sum of money with which I can do the following: Buy all the plane tickets on some kind of airline so it can just be me on the plane with the flight attendants and they would all be confused, buy Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and Disney and basically rule the world… Part of buying those companies would to make the greatest game console known to man by settling the PS vs xBox debate once and for all by simply combining the two, but since I also own Nintendo I would make all their copyrighted games that you can normally only get Nintendo consoles available for the PXTen, the console name, obviously. Oh, and I would hire Tyler and Josh as friends to hang out with me at Disney World for a day or two because tell me that wouldn’t be flipping awesome… And I would meet Ryan’s Patreon career status goal… And I would pay off American debt… And I’d probably be the biggest target for assisination but let’s not talk about that… I think it’s time to end this stupidly long reply to the question now… If you’re still reading this you’re a champion and you win an imaginary puppy. To ensure you don’t just skip to the end of this to see you won a puppy I will keep typing so you people can’t cheat. Now I will resume the paragraph. And that’s what’s on my bucket list… Even though it’s not a bucket list but an impossible reality… But I don’t care… You can try and kill my dreams, but I won’t bucket LISTen to you…

  4. Welp, now I’m procrastinating sleep… And it’s now 2… It’s such a good thing that I’m homeschooled and don’t have a job…

  5. Omg this was hilarious!!! I was making food while listening and Matthew started choking on water and it made me laugh and then when he got hiccups I fell on the floor laughing so hard! Hahaha! ? The episode was great! Made my day! ?

  6. I have a bucket list but I dont have it written down… it’s just random and scattered. I think currently at the top of my bucket list is meeting Twenty One Pilots haha! 🙂 #AuxCable30

      1. What does that have to do with Tøp? Or are you just suggesting something to add to my bucket list?

  7. My bucket list is that I want to go to New Zealand and visit Hobbiton, visit California, and own a huge dog someday.

    1. Having just finished reading The Hobbit five minutes ago, I fully concur with your desire to visit Hobbiton.

  8. Can somebody explain to me what “Ftr, pt dibs” means? (or whatever Matthew keeps saying) I’m assuming ftr is for the record, but I am confused as to what the rest of it means. Kids these days…

    1. FTR, dtdubs – pronounced bee-tee-dubs – means ‘for the record, by the way’. ?

        1. And, as you probably already figured out, “bee-tee-dubs” comes from “BTW”, which are the initials of “By The Way” (as some people abbreviate “double u” as “dubs” when they say “w” aloud).

          1. I actually hadn’t figured that out. Thank you, Jeff!

  9. On my bucket list:

    Lope my horse down a beach while the sun is rising without a saddle OR a bridle (#GOALS)
    Feed the birds (tuppence a bag) out of my hand
    Have a YouTube channel (Extremely easy to accomplish…BUT TIME!!!)
    Meet all the people I’m subscribed to that I feel like I know/know of me. (So then it’s not like a super-awkward celebrity meet-up)
    Get an assassination in volleyball. (Not even a vb term, something I made up)
    Live to be 120 without entering a nursing home.

    These aren’t ordered by importance BUT STILL.. those are the first things that come to mind 😀

  10. I mean if you really want to assassinate someone during a game of volleyball, we can help you out, but if you mean that you want to be assassinated during a game of volleyball I suggest finishing everything else on the list first.

    1. It’s not an assassination like you’re actually pulling out a knife and killing someone XD A kill is “An attack by a player that is not returnable by the receiving player on the opposing team and leads directly to a point or loss of rally.” A tip can be a kill though…so we need MORE POWER. A “murder” (another term I made up) is a hard-driven ball that is not returnable by the receiving player on the opposing team and leads directly to a point/loss of rally. An “assassination” is a hard-driven ball that lands IN FRONT of the ten-foot line that is not returnable by the receiving player on the opposing team and leads directly to a point or loss of rally.

  11. My bucket list is similar to Ryan’s. Get married, have kids, jump off a bridge.

      1. Bridge jumping into water. Water that has been determined to be deep enough.
        Bridge diving is supposed to be really fun

    1. Auxcon is definitely a must. We need to come up with a better name, though.

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