Weekly Recommendations 04/29/17

Weekly Recommendations 04/29/17

It’s that time again! The time where Ryan DOESN’T forget (…Matthew…) to post weekly recs on time! I’ve got a real fun one for y’all.

This week, I recommend the LunarBaboon comic strip!

Imagine that Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes grew up, got wise, and had a kid.

That’s LunarBaboon.


CONTENT WARNING: Unfortunately, like many things on the internet, this comic strip has contained inappropriate language and/or slightly suggestive comments. HOWEVER, they are few and far between. Exercise caution based on personal judgment. 


Christopher Grady’s comic strip follows a dad, mom, and their son (more recently, a little daughter too). The crazy thing, everyone has an AMAZING imagination. It’s not unusual for the boy to express concern about a monster in his closet or under his bed, only to have the dad join in and give the monster a cookie.

LunarBaboon subverts expectations beautifully, always surprising me by the last pane. Though it isn’t afraid to tackle deeper topics too, often showing the characters dealing with low-key depression or anxiety. But there’s always a positive note by the end, with the artist showing how to overcome those struggles through relationship, giving, or any number of positive themes by the end.

It’s refreshing to see a comic that promotes positive family values, yet also knows exactly what family can be like, and knows just how to make me double over laughing at how funny, yet true-to-life the comics can be.

And I apologize.

There are a lot of comics. You’ll be busy for a while.



Check out more at LunarBaboon.com!

Matthew Recommends…

That Ryan keeps up his streak of getting Weekly Recs out on time. ;P

Cheers, y’all!



    1. Though, to be fair to Ryan, I was gonna write that week’s post for him since he was busy. That obviously happened. -_-

          1. Matthew, I blame you for a lot. Like…putting maple syrup into my coffee. I blame you for that.

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