029: We Play a Game and Explain Canadian Bacon

029: We Play a Game and Explain Canadian Bacon

We shake things up this week by playing a game! Of course, it’s a game of questions, because this is The Aux Cable. Then we answer a handful of questions, including “what is Canadian bacon called in Canada?”, “what words do Canadians pronounce differently?”, and “what are the coldest and warmest temperatures you’ve experienced?”.

The Question of the Week!

What games do you like to play? It can be any kind of game: tabletop, card, word, outdoor, sport, etc. Tell us in the comments section or using #AuxCableGame on Twitter!

Also, which one of us had better answers in the game we played? Let us know! 😛


Do you have a question you’d like to ask? Send us your question and we may answer it on the show!

Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


  1. “I’m trying to remember what I have done on the website” -Ryan
    Me: “you broke it that one time”

  2. Ryan, if you merely show up on the not-forum more often, we will be content.

  3. BEANS AND CORN AREN’T VEGETABLES!!! However, I’m proud that carrot was the first one you mentioned.

  4. Probably not going to live-chat on the rest of the episode. Sorry to people that enjoy it (i.e. nobody). You’re welcome, Matthew.

    1. We enjoy it. Just spoilers…but that’s all good. It’s almost like listening together and commentating about the episode. Olivia and I do it when we listen together.

  5. Sorry Ryan, Matthew won. Mario is not a game, and beans and corn aren’t vegetables.

          1. Actually it was “.” But instead of hitting the space button, but thumb hit the period button and I didn’t catch it until it was uploading

  6. What a perfect thing to listen to while sitting in the car for three hours after a three hour flight .-.

  7. I can’t put into words how much I love this! Just all of it. The game, the end!! All of it!!

  8. My favorite card game is aggravation. I don’t like board games, but aggravation is a fun card game that often ends in tears and yelling…

        1. Apples to Apples is wonderful. Who knew that meat cleavers are cuter than rainbows or hugs?

  9. My favorite game is taboo, because it is so much fun to play with people you know cause you can make references to tv/YouTube shows.

  10. Haha, thanks for finally answering my question guys. xD And yes Matthew, I know Canada measures temperature in Celsius, but Ryan is from the US and Fahrenheit was faster. 😉 And boy. You guys have been in some pretty drastic weather. o.O I’m so glad we only have moderate weather here so it doesn’t get down suuuuper low or get up super hot either. XP

    1. I feel sorta lame with the weather I’ve experienced. Hottest would be like…115 (I didn’t go outside very much though), and coldest was like -5 with wind chill.
      Though, I’ve lived through pretty bad hurricanes that I have no memory of because I was little.

      1. I’m not sure how cold it’s gotten up here… -15, not including wind chill? Hottest is probably 105, and that was like ten years ago.

  11. @0:00 As promised, I shall now commentate on the podcast
    @0:30 Time travel? Hmmm….I wonder WHO could be involved in that?
    @0:35 The signature Ryan Matlock screech. I love this so much. Someone needs to put together a COMPLETE SERIES of Ryan saying this for each episode he’s been on.
    @1:02 Actually what we consider north is magnetic south. So if we switched the usual words out, and said Antarctica was at the north pole, we’d actually be more correct. Mind BLOWN.
    @1:11 According to Merriam-Webster, spizzerinctum is the vim or will to succeed.
    @1:17 This question is never addressed in the episode.
    @2:04 There seems to be an awful lot of “time travel” of the late. Makes life confusing. I deal only with one linear stream of time.
    @2:14 Isn’t this more like a time capsule than literally traveling through time?
    @2:24 That doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t you want people to find your podcast?
    @2:53 Ryan mentioned BlimeyCow. Mentioning is to “REFER to something briefly and without going into detail.” Therefore, it is a reference. Matthew wins.
    @3:01 Yes. Ryan lost. Matthew won. Problem solved.
    @3:58 What world? The world of scam? Are you trying to mimic that one comedian who had several conversations with scammers and a spammer?
    @4:06 What if he does know you, but his lackey got to your email and threw in the generalized mailing thingamajig?
    @4:13 How does that mean that your website is on people’s radars? OH oh never mind. Did Ryan get this through questions@auxcableshow.com? Cause that would make a LOT more sense.
    @4:34 Ah yes, the forum. Or should we say the “not-forum?” Very interesting place filled with interesting and weird people such as myself. What HAVE we done?
    @4:54 Yeah we probably did that…
    @5:12 0.0 we’re hurting our Canadian friend through the overuse of the not-forum? Tell me it isn’t so!
    @5:19 I haven’t seen any spam, so y’all must be doing a great job at keeping the spammers at bay!
    @5:36 OR we could move the not-forum to its own website….Hmmm….that’d be very interesting….
    @5:57 I love games. Let the gaming commence!
    @6:08 Check your facts. You’re up to 65 dollars a month. Maybe a goal would be to share some of that cash with Matthew XD
    @6:31 Oh my…ALL THE FAN MAIL that you are going to get. Maybe you should make an unboxing video of all of it. And you should probably let your subscribers on YouTube know of this development. Perhaps some of them would like to send you some fan-stuffs.
    @7:03 That’d probably be the wise decision. That’ll also give a chance for the FACES to plot…
    @7:15 Yeah if she puts it on Ryan’s bed..it’s safe to say that he won’t have a place to sleep the first night he’s home. Scrap it all, it might even be a week before he can walk five steps into his room.
    @7:22 Precisely. Ryan, you have good foresight.
    @7:32 Now we get into the game! 😀 This should be quite entertaining.
    @7:35 Lies. You had no advert this time. You just played a game. A very fun and entertaining game, but nonetheless there was no advertisement. How does it feel to crush someone’s hopes and dreams like that? Monster. XD I’m not actually that upset. I loved the game. We have one similar called the five second rule and LET ME TELL YOU that is stressful!!
    @7:38 HOW’D I MISS THIS?!?! D: This is like the fourth time I listened to this episode lol.
    @8:02 Nothing in particular, but a few other games that are fun and stressful like the five second rule are Blurt and Spit it Out.
    @8:30 Like I said, you LIED earlier. How could this happen to me?
    @8:33 0.0 you…you didn’t read it? Wooooooowwwww now Ryan’s joining Matthew in the crushing others’ hopes and dreams parade.
    @8:39 Oh the intrigue…What a cliffhanger! Next episode come out quickly!
    @9:09 ERrmm ermm.. Anneelisabethstengl.blogspot.com, auxcableshow.com, patreon.com/RyanMatlock
    @9:13 Pineapple, black olive, grilled chicken. Try that combo out. I love it. And nothing you all say will convince me otherwise.
    @9:19 Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies ‘n’ Cream
    @9:29 Nope. No idea. Grayscale? Maysfair? Errrgh I don’t do much on socials XD
    @9:42 Yup. Flustered. That’s exactly what happens in this type of blasted games.
    @10:00 Neigh, moo, meow.

    Considering that this is over a PAGE of words, and it’s only a fifth of the way through…I’m going to stop here. But my favorite game is either Capitalism or Pente, and if y’all don’t know how to play, I must teach you at AuxCon.

    The highest temperature I’ve ever experience? I think it was like 115 degrees fahrenheit.. and the lowest was like -15 degrees fahrenheit. Lots of fifteens XD

      1. You read Stengl? She’s one of my sister’s favorite authors! We always refer to her as “that Stengl woman.” I’ve read through Goldstone, the pacing is a bit slow for me, but the characters are a lot of fun, and the world building is absolutely astonishing. I may have read the Hymlume’s poem from Moonblood multiple times and cried my eye’s out repeatedly, but I’m not confessing anything.

        1. Mafia is great! My siblings and cousins used to play it all the time… but that was when I was like four. I’ll have to try and convince them that we should play it again.

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