Weekly Recommendations 05/05/17

Weekly Recommendations 05/05/17

This week on The Aux Cable, we talked about procrastination. So I thought that I’d share a recommendation that’s related.

The Fabulous

Procrastination is often caused by bad habits that we’ve developed over time. Reforming those habits can be a very difficult exercise, and can often seem like an impossible goal. But once you’ve formed strong, good habits, it can be easier to complete your daily to do list.

Last year, I was looking for tools to help with productivity and I stumbled across an app called The Fabulous. This Android app (coming soon to iOS as well) is designed to progressively guide you through exercises that help you to develop new and more effective daily routines and habits. It’s about taking little steps every day and slowly changing your behavior. It’s not a quick fix. Which makes sense, because habits – good or bad – don’t just form overnight.

I’ve been using this app (somewhat) consistently for almost a year, and the biggest change I’ve noticed is in my bedtime routine. The Fabulous has an alarm that reminds me to start my bedtime routine, but it isn’t too pushy about it. When I first got started, there was only one step in the routine; turn off my phone and other electronics so I can focus on preparing for sleep. Once I successfully accomplished that for several days in a row, it added in a new step. Something like brushing my teeth. Then again, once I nailed down those two things, it added in something new. I got to decide what elements became part of my routine, but the app helped me to choose the most effective ones for me and explained why those things contributed to better sleep.

I’ve found this app to be very helpful, and thought that you might also find it helpful. Why not give it a go? If you decide to try it out, tell me how you do in the comments here or in the not-forum! We can work on our habits together!

Check out thefabulous.co for more information and to download the app.

Next week…

Ryan will recommend something else! On time, just like he always has! đŸ˜›


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