021: Strumming Patterns, Staying JUST Friends, and Our Freelance Stories

021: Strumming Patterns, Staying JUST Friends, and Our Freelance Stories

How do you pick up strumming patterns when you can’t learn by ear? How do you avoid heartache when you LIKE someone, and how do you get into the freelance world? Answers to all these questions and plenty more on this episode of The Aux Cable!

How do you graduate from an ACE to a FACE?  Tweet us your answers using #AuxCableTab.

Stay tuned for a few BLOOPERS!

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Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


        1. February 26, 2017: *sees Brooke commented*
          January 17, 2018: *realizes she changed her name to Book Apple Cider*
          I am the definition of slow.

  1. Brooke (and any other freelancers), the taxes part of freelance work is…honestly I find it idiotic. I’ll discuss in length on the notforum, but there is a way so you don’t owe at the end of every year.

  2. Honestly, I feel like if anyone wants to be a FACE, just go to the notforum and join in on the conversation…but that’s not the only way to become a FACE. Other ways are:
    Blood sacrifice
    Helping us kidnap Ryan and Matthew
    Declaring yourself a FACE in the comment section (we will typically welcome you)
    Joining the TOP-HATs (and becoming my loyal subject) (it’s a notforum reference)
    Scaring the living daylights out of either Ryan or Matthew (put creepy dolls under their beds or in their closets, put bloody handprints on their windows, stuff like that)
    The most sure-fire and easy way to be a FACE, is just comment and maybe go to the notforum…but most importantly, don’t give to Ryan’s Patreon (sorry Ryan. But all the FACE’s are broke)

  3. I KNEW Ryan was gonna sing the Odyssey version… also, it ends “Happy, happy, hey.”

  4. This was an amazing podcast. There was the Wooten happy birthday song and a mention of the odd1sout.

    And you become a face by doing whatever Kristen said OR forge a sword dubbed the Auxcaliber.

    1. Fun fact: if you murder 400 men, and you drain them of their blood and extract the iron from their blood, you would have enough iron to forge a longsword. You can literally have a sword forged from the blood of your enemies!!

        1. It would take about 7,173,803 carrots total, but extracting the iron from carrots would be a lot harder than blood.

  5. With that effect from the soundboard, if you do your voice just right, you would sound exactly like Baby from fnaf sister location.

    1. It also has 8 strings played as 4 and they hurt your fingers more than a guitar…but it’s so beautiful!! Now to buy a sitar! (And hide it from Baldy when he gets home)

  6. I think an ACE becomes a FACE when they have sent in at least one advice/how to question (whether it was answered or not), they have listened to every episode, and they have commented at least 10 times in the comment section or notforum. Bonus points to anybody that can name all the guest hosts. At some point I can try to figure out who the current FACEs are by those qualifications. Off the top of my head, I know that Kristen, Olivia, Mason, Brooke and I at least meet those standards.

    1. Can I? Let’s see. Sarah and Angie. And Ryan’s two friends….Daniel? Maybe…and his sister that don’t know much about taxes and make fun of Ryan for freaking out about a daddy long leg (I’m bad with names)
      That’s it right?

  7. Haha, I almost feel like I should apologize to Ryan for going to college. The collaboration/connection is what I’m really looking for, plus my college offers a lot of other classes and programs that I’m interested in. Thanks for your stories, guys, and thanks Ryan for suggesting upwork (and the odd1sout! I love James’s videos!). I’ll look into that, and keep my eyes out for different opportunities.

  8. So I know this is really late, but I was lazy and forgot to look it up before, but you actually could have sung Happy Birthday because it’s public domain as of February of last year. Btw this is my first comment ever 🙂

    1. I don’t know who you are, but your name is epic!!!
      Welcome the the craziness that is the comment section. Feel free to join us in the notforum (it’s called the “community” on the website)

    2. Welcome to the comments, Awkward potato! Ditto to everything Poulet Frit said…

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