020: We’ve Been Hijacked

020: We’ve Been Hijacked

Matthew and Ryan are strangely absent, having been replaced with… Angie and Sarah?

Join the new hosts for one episode where things will be a bit different.

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Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music.


    1. You predicted it would be me and olive though. Which is still very possible.

      (Yes, Carrot, I mean “Olive and I”, but I’m lazy)

        1. Trube, but not all psychics get the facts right… But yet somehow, Shawn Spencer STILL got 8 seasons, sooo

          1. Oh, AND the kidnappers were ON the episode on which I ASKED the question. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

          2. I talked to Ryan on FB today (if you can call it that, it was like 5 messages), nobody is cloned so far. I will have yall help me when we kidnap them, so we are good there as well. I don’t think the code is up, and it may not be necessary at the moment.

          3. Because psychology. People tend to use certain words, phrases, and punctuation that is basically like a thumb print. No one can perfectly replicate it. He also did something that he did last time we talked on FB, before the kerfuffle.

          4. Consistency. It’s hard to replicate perfectly, and he was exactly the same as last time. Therefore, it was ryan.
            Now, Matthew comments a lot, I know it’s probably because he’s an alien, but what if he has been kidnapped (not by Angie but someone else), and they are pretending to be him. None of us have any contact with Matthew outside of this website.

          5. He responded to the meme email I sent them… we should really bring this to the forum… hang on a sec.

  1. I’m sorry, Sarah, but your tax calculations are slightly incorrect. So off the 1300, 800, and my guess at 7000. His tax due is 183. Because on the 1300, he has to pay self-employment tax on top of the 10%. The 800 doesn’t calculate in at all really, because it is not enough to itemize (he would need 6301+ of expenses to itemize)
    I also do not like turbotax, but that’s beside the point.
    If his YouTube channel or Patreon start bringing in a certain amount of money, that I’m not disclosing because I’m evil, then he has to claim it, and pay self-employment tax on that as well. And I know how he can get out of always owing the IRS…

  2. It’s true, they are called “Canada geese” and not “Canadian geese” because they are named after John Canada (who discovered them) and not after the country.

    THE MORE YOU KNOW (Insert rainbow here.)

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