028: Productivity, Being Creative, and More with JOSH TAYLOR

028: Productivity, Being Creative, and More with JOSH TAYLOR

We have a pile of questions for this episode. Good thing Josh Taylor (from Blimey Cow) is here to answer them with us!

In this episode, we cover a little bit of everything: How has Josh increased his productivity? How do you keep content interesting and fresh? How far in advance does Josh write Messy Mondays? What does Josh love more than Disney World? How does Blimey Cow get sponsors? What are some creative ways to stay in touch with long-distance friends? What does Josh use for editing videos?

So yeah, mostly questions for Josh. But that’s what this episode is all about!

Question of the Week!

What are some fun things to do with friends who live far away? Tell us your ideas in the comments below, or using #AuxCableShow on Twitter.


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Do you have a burning question? Maybe we can help! Send us your question and we may answer it on the show!

Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music. His song, “Vortex” was also featured in this episode.


  1. #thatmomentwhen Matthew messes up the pronunciation of the word pronunciation…

  2. Second Weekly Recommendation? Where’s the first one? Or last week’s for that matter…

  3. You want more debate? Go read the milk thread. (No, I’m not trying to resurrect that argument, I’m merely mentioning it.)

  4. Getting the ‘ol Aux Cable bump is also effective for growing an audience.

  5. I feel like people on here would set up a fake giveaway simply to find out which state I live in.

  6. “That’s how you learn, you creep on people.”
    -Matthew Bird

    My stalking is now justified.

  7. Thank you Ryan, Matthew, and Josh for… oh wait, never mind, you didn’t answer my questions.

  8. Don’t feel bad, Joanna, the only question of mine that was answered on the show was the question about getting questions answered on the show.

          1. You know, I love live commentating. But I think it’s cruel and unusual torture on a podcast, so I do my best to refrain from it. ‘ware what you have brought on yourselves next time a podcast comes out…

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