015: How to Fall Asleep and Find Balance in Work

015: How to Fall Asleep and Find Balance in Work

Having trouble falling asleep? Possibly working TOO hard? This episode is for you.

Listen all the way through for our regularly scheduled bloopers! Also be sure to join the conversation using #POboxPatreon.

Be sure to contact us if you have a question! Our email is questions@auxcableshow.com.


Special thanks toΒ Gabe MillerΒ for our intro and outro music.


  1. Wow guys, I wasn’t expecting that much information… Can’t wait to try all this stuff out!… Which I’m probably failing at as I’m typing this at 11:45 PM…

  2. “Bloody” originally wasn’t a swear word, but between 1750 and 1920, it was considered taboo. Matthew and Ryan are so edgy by using a swear word that’s been outdated for almost a century.

    (Guys, your homeschool is showing…)

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Aux Cable’s NICHE audience is broke high school and college students… πŸ™‚

  3. Other fans, we need a name for ourselves. I asked Ryan and Matthew and they…didn’t reply.

    Matthew, I expect an impression of a squeaky door in the bloopers next week. And if y’all ever get rid of bloopers, we (the fans) will riot (I will set up the riot).

    Ryan, you need money because you are broke…but you ask for money from other broke people…

      1. I couldn’t think of anything at all…I feel like it has to be related to an aux cable or something
        …until then I will continue calling us “the acs family”, when speaking about us as a whole.

        1. The niches? (because I totally didn’t already reference that in this comment section) Also really lame, but oh well… other than that, the cablers? (Something)heads is too stereotypical (e.g. Potterheads, Panheads, Featherheads, etc.).

          1. Or, we could do an acronym, like ACEs (Aux Cable Enthusiasts), with more descriptive titles related to that. e.g. FACES (Fanatical Aux Cable Enthusiasts), which would be extra devoted ACEs like Kristen and Ryan’s grandma.

          2. Idk if like…deciding on the fandom name is a mutual thing, or if it’s put up to votes, or if Ryan and Matthew have to approve it or whatever.
            But I, at the time being, 100% vote for ACE’s and FACE’s.

          3. I would say that Ryan and Matthew should approve, but we should get at least five listeners on board, too.

          4. Olivia is on board. And so am I. I’m assuming you, Josiah the carrot stick (awesome name btw), are also on board since it was your idea.

          5. At current tally, it looks like we’ve got three votes for ACEs: me, Kristen, and Olivia… Anybody want to fourth and fifth the motion?

  4. You should feature your fans screaming “This week ON THE AUX CABLE!” sort of like GMM does with the Wheel of Mythicality (probably spelled that wrong)…

  5. Also, you guys got me all hyped up for the 20th episode, so it better be consistent but unique… Don’t let me down…

  6. That’s pretty good, too! Maybe we’ll have to set up a (sort of) formal vote to see what the masses think…

  7. That is good as well. I think a formal vote may need to happen. And Ryan and Matthew should weigh in as well

      1. If you’re a moron Kristen, you’re definitely not the only one (I speak for myself) πŸ™‚ Also, in reality probably none of us are actually morons, as implied by referencing the word oxymoron, i.e. someone called a moron who actually isn’t. That probably made no sense, but oh, well.

        1. I didn’t even know oxymoron was a word! Ya learn something new everyday.
          Anybody smart enough to listen to this podcast is not a moron!?

          1. ’tis true. An oxymoron is something that combines two incongruous things. (though I’m assuming you already looked it up)

  8. Hello. And welcome to the longest comment thread to ever appear on an Aux Cable episode. Enjoy. Auxymorons, ACEs (McKays), Auxens, whatever we call ourselves, today, we have set a new record. Today, we have broken the boundaries of comment leaving. Today, the Aux Cable prospers!

    1. In a year, a new member of…whatever we are called, will be relistening to all the episodes, stumble upon this, see that it has 30+ comments, and wonder what happened that made this day so special. Then they will read the comments…poor future person

    2. Also, we (so far) have quadrupled our previous record. Just for reference. Ryan and Matthew are going to be some confused as to what on earth happened, when they happen to glance at the comments (unless they were following along the whole time like good stalkers/website admins). Anyone game for quintupling the previous record of eight?

      1. We must!!!
        Maybe if we comment enough they will reply and give us their thoughts on the fanbase name!

  9. For when we set the record with 40 (or more) comments. On the episode that marks the first birthday of ACS, we have to beat it by double.

  10. I keep starting to comment, and then realizing that my comment has become obsolete because someone else commented πŸ˜›

    1. It was probably me lol sorry. (Only one more comment after this before the goal…unless someone comments while I’m commenting and their WiFi is faster)

    1. Going off of that “lame” pun, we could be Auxioneers…
      The best I could come up with, this is why I asked other people.

          1. This is going to get to the point where we’ll need a forum… but let’s face it, we’ll probably be the only three posting πŸ™‚

          2. There needs to be a group on fb or something, but we don’t have a fanbase name!! πŸ™

      1. I’m truly not a stalker, I havw just watched a few videos of red headed Josiah on YouTube (goes by Joe), and assumed you are him.

        1. Nope, I’m not. I have somewhat red hair, but don’t have a Youtube channel. Also, I’m addicted to eating carrots, and am turning slightly yellow because of it.

          1. Hey, I thought you said you weren’t a stalker? πŸ˜€ (also note my comment to Olivia)

          2. My bad. I meant Master Researcher. I should be demoted to just researcher.

            And do you know how many results I would get if I googled “Josiah”…I would need so much coffee to get through all of that!! ?

          3. I agree, but that person has way too much time on their hands. #doublenegative πŸ˜€

          4. Look, grammer is not the greatest joy in the world, despite what certain characters in certain, rather Very Freaking Despicable, books have tried to teach us.

          5. Yeah, I just like correcting people’s grammar (probably not necessarily a good thing). No rudeness intended if it came off that way. Also, Very Freaking Despicable books? I haven’t heard of them… I’m slightly intrigued.

          6. It was a reference to A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket (first book series I read as a child) (now an amazing show on Netflix)
            And I didn’t take it as rude, I correct people all the time…I also like to learning new things (like oxymoron) even if they are mistakes I’ve made. πŸ™‚

          7. Gotcha, I’ve only read the first two books and that was seven years ago… the first series I read (at least that’s documented) was Encyclopedia Brown… then the Happy Hollisters, which I’m sure you’ve never heard of.

          8. I have not heard of Happy Hollisters.
            I was the weird child that watched Saw all the time, read books like “Stories to Tell in the Dark” and “Here Be Monsters” late into the night, and watched Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc for the entirety of my life.

          9. … and I was the weird child that got freaked out by 100 Cupboards when I was like twelve.

          10. I haven’t read that one either. I had just gotten into Harry Potter at the age of twelve (late to the party, but I thought it was boring when I tried to read it at 10)

    1. Meh. I’m not that creeped out. She has literally no way of figuring out who I am, because I’m not on social media anywhere except here (if this counts). I guess if someone wanted to be super creepy, they could just google my first name and sift through all the results and they would probably find something, but I have no idea how they would determine it was me, not someone else.

      1. Well it’s not like those people are responding to our pleas (or telling us to shut up) so… πŸ˜€

    1. …I feel like I set unreasonable expectations for ACS’s first birthday…double the number of comments that are on this episode

  11. If you thought you were late, I didn’t read HP until I was 13, and I’m pretty sure I’m younger than you…

    1. Probably, but your vocabulary is impressive.
      And I know some people who didn’t read HP until age 16 or 17, because they weren’t allowed.

      1. Yeah, my family has a slight reputation for knowing big words… when I was three (or so) one of my cousins said I was going to be a talking dictionary when I grew up.

        1. Actually…not a calculator. I’m not that good at quick math.
          But I can go on and on with useless facts about disney, taxes, whatever I find interesting, I do research on it. Randomly learned Morse code because I got bored one day.

          1. Yeah, I like to say one of my talents is subconsciously memorizing useless information… also, when life gets you down remember that no matter what happens, x will always equal (-b Β± √ bΒ²-4ac) / 2a. My sisters and I started to learn Morse Code once, but didn’t get very far. Just a note, this comment puts our comment record at elevenfold of what it previously was.

          2. When people are bothersome, I call them “Ca(HCO3)2” (calcium hydrogen bicarbonate) because it is an irritant.

            We are setting a record. One that’ll be hard to beat.

      1. Yeah, I used the find function in my browser to count… I think I’ve actually commented more times than you.

  12. I’m just like that awkward friend who stands slightly outside the circle and only butts into the conversation when something intrigues me XD

  13. Well, we could go back to talking about fanbase names if that intrigues you… I think our current options are ACEs (and FACEs), Auxen, and Auxioneers.

      1. It was still funny, though. If they ever open a merch store, they should call it “The Auxionhouse.” Also, I forgot Auxymorons.

  14. Auxioneer would be a great name for the veteran fans, though. Like they were pioneers in the Aux Cable. They were the first. I don’t know what would classify an Auxioneer, but hey, just throwing that out there…

          1. I think it’s just those three.
            I doubt they aren’t going to read the comments (or remember by the time they are recording), someone (you) might have to send it in as a question.

          2. If not, I suggest that one of us sends a formal question for the show, along the lines of:

            Dear Ryan and Matthew,
            It has come to our attention that we are lacking in a collective moniker for ourselves. Suggestions that have been put forth are: the Auxen, the Aux Cable Enthusiasts (ACEs), and the Auxymorons. We would be much obliged if you would help us determine which of these is the best choice.

            Your Fanbase

          3. You send it. I don’t even know what moniker is. But will go look at a dictionary.
            And if ACE is chosen, crazy fans are FACE’s still, right?

          4. Also, I forgot that the word moniker existed; I rediscovered it when looking for a fancier word for name on Word Hippo.

          5. It’d be awkward if I added it to my vocabulary… I’d walk up to someone at my church and say (in a British accent, of course) “Hello, sir, I am inquiring about your moniker. If you would please, tell me, for I will be much obliged.”….. And then I would still have zero friends…

          6. If someone walked up to me at church and said that, I would immediately become their friend!

          7. Heh, maybe it would help if I could actually do a British accent… But… I can’t…

          8. Me neither, so it would just make me laugh and then you would be my friend…although, please don’t call me a sir

          9. Neither do I, but probably we think our lives are significantly less interesting than they actually are.

          10. It seems much more interesting if you pretend you are a dragon slayer or spy, and doing your mundane tasks like chores or work or whatever, are how you must defeat your enemies.

          11. That would certainly do it! Alternatively, pretending you have friends by talking to people on the internet. (don’t worry, I do actually have friends :D)

          12. Lol! I have friends as well…two at least. That’s all that’s needed. Two friends, netflix, gelato, and life is perfect πŸ™‚

          13. Yeah, I don’t give myself enough credit… I have… Errr… Friends…. Yeah… Talking to strangers on the internet counts as friends, right?..

  15. I’m starting to wonder if Ryan and Matthew are still alive, or if they died in the midst of trying to read the 96+ comments πŸ˜€

  16. GUYS!!!!!!
    Ok, so Ryan messed up or something. Something happened and Olivia got an email that episode 16 got posted (it immediately got removed), BUT in the description of it, it says, blah blah “and discuss what the official name for the Aux Cable Show fans should be”.
    We will have an answer!!!!

      1. I’m over the moon excited that we will have an answer, but now I have to wait 2 more days, and hope they don’t release the episode while I’m at work! πŸ˜€ but I’m so happy we might have an answer!

          1. Yep, that would work pretty well… was anybody else having trouble commenting yesterday? I thought we legit broke the website.

          2. I couldn’t get the website to pull up at all for a few hours…I think we might’ve actually broken it. But let’s blame it on Ryan, and say he broke the website again.

  17. Josiah, way back when we started talking about our fandom name, you used “potterheads, panheads, and featherheads,” as examples of (something)heads being overdone…
    What fandom is panheads and featherheads from, because I haven’t been able to figure it out.

    1. Panheads I believe are fans of the band Skillet (though I can’t say I am one); Featherheads are fans of the Wingfeather Saga, an excellent book series by Andrew Peterson (I can say I am one).

      1. Oooh ok, thank you!
        Apparently I’m borderline a panhead. And I’m totally gonna Google that series now and probably end up reading it!

        1. Yeah, I like some of Skillet’s songs as well, but others I find rather unpleasant. Also, Wingfeather is absolutely worth Googling. Definitely in my top four book series, along with Narnia, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

          1. I only like a few of their songs, but I don’t listen to loud music very often, I would rather listen to country.
            I read the basis of what that series is about and it sounds amazing! I have added it to my list.

          2. It is pretty good, now we just have to wait and see what our fandom name is…

          3. Yeah, I so hope they post before I leave for work, because if not, I have to get up early to listen to it tomorrow before work.
            I’m dying from anticipation!!

  18. Just because I can, I’m gonna bring this up to 150 comments even, and then we can move on to Episode 016.

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