Author : Matthew

019: Surprise Valentine’s Day Episode!

Surprise! Here’s a special Valentine’s Day episode just for you! What should you do for Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Listen to this podcast! Seriously. Listen. We address that issue. We also tackle a few other relationship-related questions, including how to maintain platonic boy/girl relationships….

018: Finding Nemo Quotes, Drawing Inspiration, and More

We answer your questions about… well, not advice. But anything else is up for discussion! What’s the scariest thing you’ve had to do? Tweet us your answers – along with your favorite Finding Nemo quotes – using #AuxCableShow. Stay tuned for a few BLOOPERS! Contact us with your questions! Shownotes: Community…

It Isn’t a Forum!

In episode 17, Ryan and I talked about the “comment kerfuffle of 2017” and our plan to foster more discussion here on the website. For those who haven’t listened to that episode, let me fill you in with this post. But really, you should also listen to the episode. It’s…

017: Dealing with Work Stress, Stalking People, and When to Date

How should you deal with stress in the workplace, especially when co-workers and clients are the sources? Ryan and Matthew share their strategies. Also, when should you start dating? (Yes, more relationship advice is headed your way!) But first, Kristen has a serious question for Matthew. Will he give a…

010: Socialization, Coffee, and The Aux Cable MOVIE

We’ve been getting a bunch of questions about ourselves, so we decided to answer a bunch of them this week. Find out how we drink our coffee, whether that makes us psychopaths, our favorite Disney TV shows, what tattoos we would get, and more! But first, we discuss the elusive art…

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

Matthew demonstrates how he folds fitted sheets. This is a visual supplement to episode 004.

000: The Teaser Promo

We’re getting very close to our big launch! Enjoy this short teaser that we put together just for you. Subscribe today and listen to our first episode on September 28, 2016!

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