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004: Folding Fitted Sheets, the BIGGEST Question, and Another Relationship Question

We answer the ULTIMATE question, as well as do our best to explain verbally how to fold a fitted sheet. Also, big surprise, we have another question about how to deal with relationship issues. Shownotes: The Facebook video that made Ryan famous Ryan’s Fantastic Friday’s series Matthew’s sheet folding video…

003: Tying a Bow Tie, Clean YouTubers, and Our Podcast Setup

Ryan declares war on Apple! Meanwhile, Ryan and Matthew discuss how not to tie a bow tie too tight, some clean, funny YouTubers they watch, and what our podcasting setup looks like. Shownotes: Leaf Razor on YouTube gunnarolla on YouTube Vi Hart on YouTube Special thanks to Gabe Miller for…

002: Puns, Networking, and Living Without Internet

Matthew and Ryan argue over the pronunciation of “niche” and give advice on how to make good puns, how to network for YouTube, and how to find activities that don’t require the internet. Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro music!

001: Dealing with Crushes, Video Cringing, and Noses

Join us for the first installment of The Aux Cable! Ryan and Matthew introduce themselves and discuss their opinions on noses, how to not cringe at your own videos, and what to do when someone has a crush on you. Special thanks to Gabe Miller for our intro and outro…

000: The Teaser Promo

We’re getting very close to our big launch! Enjoy this short teaser that we put together just for you. Subscribe today and listen to our first episode on September 28, 2016!

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