041: 8 MONTHS LATER…. Kerr Lenses, Dumb Proms, and Uniting Graduation Parties

041: 8 MONTHS LATER…. Kerr Lenses, Dumb Proms, and Uniting Graduation Parties

Whoa, it’s Ryan and Matthew, coming at you with a brand new episode of the podcast, NOT recorded in 2017!

Today, we discuss the best resource to research Kerr Lenses, why prom is dumb and how to survive it, and what you should do to make your graduation as uniting for your different friend groups as possible. Hopefully we’re not too  (tube) late to answer your questions!

Also, huge congrats to Abi and Rachel for winning the Aux Cable survey contest drawing! We’ll be in touch soon.

Question of the Week

What’s your opinion on prom? Let us know on Twitter or in the comment section using the hashtag #AuxButNotForgotten. Also, remember to send us your improv ideas for future commercials!


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  1. My prom situation was indeed resolved wonderfully. My best guy friend asked me (with puns), I had a really awesome time with him and my best friend and her boyfriend, and I ended up being really glad I went.

  2. No advertisement? HO-… Just kidd my of course, this new commercial style seems like it’ll be quite amusing!

  3. Commercial –

    Matthew is a successful pop star

    Ryan is an Olympic Gold Medalist in the brand new Olympic event, [insert a fun, new Olympic Event here.] {Alternatively, Ryan is considered a legal hedgehog and is a Hedgehog Olympics Gold Medalist}


    Selling chewed bubble gum

    Selling only the bishops of a chess set

    Selling the new heavy metal ukuleles

    Selling rechargeable batteries

    Selling reusable water balloons


    On a private island in the Bahamas.

    In a mansion in Antarctica

    In the middle of the Outback [not the steakhouse…]

    In the middle of the Outback [yes the steakhouse…]

    On the first manned spacecraft on the way to Mars.

  4. I honestly thought the showlinks said “Veritaserum” at first haha. Great episode as always, guys! And we’re not disappointed in you.

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