040: Angie and Sarah Return AGAIN!

040: Angie and Sarah Return AGAIN!

Ryan and Matthew have totally NOT been tied up and locked in the closet (again) while Angie and Sarah fill in for them. What will Angie and Sarah discuss? You never know what will happen. I guess you’ll just have to listen to find out!


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  1. The FACEs remember everything.

    Says the FACE that did not remember that you were supposed to be on Episode 040.

  2. Vote Sarah: She encourages teenagers to learn genetic engineering and mutate animals.

  3. From the office of the HOWDAREYOU:
    “Driveway” refers to “a private road”, which is why you can park on it; it’s yours to do with what you want. “Parkway” refers to “a landscaped place for passage”, which is why you can drive through it. It’s just landscaped like a park, not a place on which to park.

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