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    Okiedokie, so I don’t know if I’m “allowed” to do this, and I hope it’s ok. But I was curious to know if there are any fellow cosplayers around here? and if so, what outfits have you done?? And by “cosplayer” and “outfits” I mean anything from a fully-functioning, self-built Iron Man suit to cat whiskers you drew on your face for a church Fall Festival. As long as you rocked it and “became the character” as they say, it counts. ?

    And if there is no one around who fits in any of the above catagories, then are there any other nerdy things you’ve done that your like to dicuss? Anyone been to Comic-Con before?

    I’ll start us out: my first (true) cosplay was Rey from Star Wars. I did the Scavenger version from TFA. My second was a genderbent version of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Here’s a link to my blog post with pictures of both of those, plus some other odds and ends I did a while back and some things I made my sisters wear (because I don’t know how/if it’s possible to put them directly into this post):

    I’m currently working on some Sabine Wren armor that I hope to wear at Star Wars Celebration Chicago in the spring (I’M FINALLY GOING!!), and I have my eye on Pidge Gunderson from Voltron: Legendary Defender whenever I finish all my current projects and build my cosplay fund back up. ?


    Sounds like you’ll have fun. I believe the most serious costume I ever did was a crewman from Star Trek.

    Awkward Potato

    Those are some really cool cosplays!! I’ve never done any myself, but I admire people who do. (Also, just a side note, there is a joke on here that that emoji is “sarcastically hitting on you while on drugs” and should be “saved for marriage” because we’re weird lol)


    DScott: hey, that certainly counts, tho! XD

    Potato: Thanks! (Oh, and thanks for that heads up! Cosplay is kinda addictive, so I guess it could be considered a drug… But I’ll make sure to avoid that emoji from now on, lol XD)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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