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    (Okay guys, this is picking up from the last story from page 17, we’re going to ditch everything after that…maybe we can salvage it later)

    Douglas was dragged into the wall, kicking and screaming…Peter didn’t have the time to stop and recognize how convenient [the rifle] was. He had to get down there to save any survivors.
    “It’s showtime.”

    Douglas busied himself, disguised as a regular Franklin. His illusion had been a success. With the ACCU down, nothing prevented the Kumquat, his once-time, now unrecognizable pupil, from controlling the Franklin clones, and exercising impressive telekinesis. But at the same time, nothing prevent Douglas from exercising his telepathic powers.

    Douglas pursued his lips. Troy had been an ambitious Time Lord initiate. Unfortunately, like the Red Skull, he had taken a serum before it was ready. And it transformed him, gave him full operation of his previous dormant Time Lord powers. He called himself “Kumquat,” and gave himself a glamour of a kumquat. Troy changed rapidly; he became proud and rebellious towards authority. Kumquat ignored Douglas and instead sought out Kristen’s company.
    Initially, of course, Douglas was pleased that the Eldest was taking a special interest in his pupil, rebellious as Kumquat was. However, Kristen was just using Kumquat to get her hands on a dangerous toxin, for the Butterfly Apocalypse.
    Once the Butterfly Apocalypse had been averted, TOPHAT bound the Kumquat in a spaceship in an alternate universe by Jupiter. There, Douglas watched over his lost pupil, hoping that the Kumquat would remember his name and become Troy once more. After all, glamours take a little bit of power to maintain. But Kumquat refused to shed his glamour, contesting that he was indeed a fruit.
    After a fair stretch of time, Douglas divided himself into the Doc, and Douglas. He sent the Doc back to TOPHAT, to watch over a man named Chris. Chris turned out to be one (or maybe several) of the reasons for the Butterfly Apocalypse, and someone needed to protect him from the Eldest if she ever broke free. Douglas stayed behind and made a clone of himself, called Franklin. While Franklin did not have the Time Lord powers that Douglas had, Franklin did have a sizeable intellect. When the portal sent Peter here, it tampered with the perimeter guard of Kumquat’s prison, and Kumquat stormed out and took over the space ship. He had Franklin clone himself hundreds of times, and create the ACCU to prevent any Time Lords from tampering with Kumquat’s mind, and to gain effective control over the Franklins. (Douglas managed to avoid Kumquat’s notice: Kumquat should’ve stayed in school longer)

    Douglas sighed deeply. He hadn’t heard from his other half in a while. Shaking himself, Douglas turned his attention to the task at the task at hand. He had to keep telling Peter to wake up. Douglas focused his mind and whispered telepathically
    O P E N Y O U R E Y E S

    Brooke AC

    And fill up space


    (Gas I)

    Jeff Ross

    (In this thread, we find the first attempt at re-starting the “Once Upon a Time, Part 1” storyline. Perhaps this thread will be repurposed at some point.)



    Jeff Ross


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