I need YOUR videos! ~Ryan

I need YOUR videos! ~Ryan

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    Hey everyone!

    So I’m still working on podcast stuff, but right now I have a huge video project going on over on the EntrePUNeur YouTube channel. It’s called Punuary, and the final video of the month is something I want to make really special. I want to involve as many people in this community, as well as the extended YouTube community.

    I’m still keeping the content of the video pretty vague, but you can help by recording a 10-15 second video of yourselves for me with the criteria below if you want to be in the video:

    -FIRST, have fun.
    -Second, film yourself doing something that relates to your personality for 5 seconds. Then look dramatically at the camera for 5 more seconds. Make sure the you only take up about half of the video frame, leaving the other half relatively clear.
    -Come up with a pun-codename for yourself. For example, if I were shooting footage, my codename could be, “Shot-Caller”.
    -Send the footage, as well as any additional b-roll/shots of the activity (feel free to get creative) to me by uploading the file(s) to Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar service. Send a shareable link to me (as well as your codename) via the contact page on my website. https://theryanmatlock.com/contact/

    I need all submissions by January 20th. I look forward to seeing what you all create!



    Jeff Ross

    Oh look, January 20th is coming up quick…



    I can still use more submissions, so feel free to send them even now. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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