I have a dream!

I have a dream!

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    Awkward Potato

    I dreamed that my brother was being held captive across the street at our church for reasons unknown. I walked over to go rescue him and I had to throw a hairbrush at this guard chihuahua to get there. Once I was there I found him doing some sort of quiz on a computer. Maybe he was trying to crack a code, but I never found out. His captor was sitting right there, and I didn’t see her face at first but once I did I realized it was a girl from my class. Unfortunately then I woke up.

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    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Goodness. I dreamed that AP and Dawn Skype called me to talk about Fortnite, so that was random.

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    Masøn M.

    What’s worse than rescuing someone from terrorists… being one. Yeah, that’s one dream I definitely didn’t enjoy… ._.

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    Manalive Smith

    That would classify as bad. Yes.

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    Josiah the Carrot Stick


Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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