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    I know a few of you know me from the Legend of Zelda forum, but I want to say hi and get to know everyone else on here.

    I’ll start. I like Nintendo, especially Zelda (heck its the only forum topic I’ve kept up in).

    I have my own superhero alter ego in another universe along with my bros. Seriously, if we ever were to make it into a video game series like we want it to be we have YEARS of stories planned.

    I love tech, especially toward PC components.

    I also work at Wendy’s and at my local college so I work 50 to 60 hours a week. So in case you wonder where I’m hiding at times.

    Okie Doke, that should be enough conversation starters ^_^


    Poulet Frit

    I feel like I should do the same.

    I’m kristen, aka poulet frit, aka the legend.

    I like country music and other music. I’m from the south, but don’t have a southern accent. I like food. Food is good. I also like math. I work at a tax preparing company for roughly…35-40 hours a week (except during peak, then it’s 48).

    I love fnaf and scary movies!!

    I don’t know anything about computers, so don’t ask me, but I know a bit about taxes.

    I am throughly obsessed with this podcast, youtube, and a few other things.

    My autocorrect takes over sometimes and makes me look stupid

    I’m very sarcastic, to the point of being borderline a jerk and rude, so if I get to that point just tell me to shut up and I will. I am also demented. I can’t stop that though.

    I plan on starting online college in the fall (for accounting)


    Poulet Frit

    (Chris has deep thoughts that he shares on fb)


    Poulet Frit

    (The video game sounds epic)


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I also will introduce myself when I have the time… i.e. not now.



    Haha, not as many deep thoughts as I’d like, lol. But if anyone here wants to friend me on FB, go ahead. Super Chris is my nickname there too. Just let me know here so I know its from here since I have no problem turning down random friend requests. 😛


    Poulet Frit

    Yeah, but the one from…I think it was last night, was great. I don’t post


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I’m Josiah the Carrot Stick, aka Carrot, aka Mr. Sprinkle Fingers.

    I am above the average height for my age, and am also rather skinny
    I look creepily like two of my four siblings
    I eat a lot of food, particularly vegetables, particularly carrots
    I’m very good at subconsciously memorizing useless information (and reciting it)
    I live in New England, so my inner thermometer is slightly odd
    I like books
    I like Algebra
    I like puns (just ask my friends from my homeschool coop)
    I like baseball
    I like listening to music and podcasts
    I like watching movies (notably Star Wars) and Youtube videos.
    I like messing with computers and electronics.
    I like making lists


    Poulet Frit

    Carrot also likes making me choke on things by being funny!!


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Wait, what did I say that was funny?


    Poulet Frit

    “I also like making lists” was very unexpected and I choked on my fried chicken!


    Josiah the Carrot Stick



    Basically Brooke

    I’m Brooke, aka Brooke AC, aka Brookoli, aka whatever other nicknames I decide to give myself on the notforum (There’s been a lot).

    I love to sing (Harmonies are fun!!!) and play keyboard, mainly worship music or Disney music.
    I like lots of musicals!
    I love cartoons, especially Phineas and Ferb.
    I’m also from the south (But south of what?? Directions are relative.)
    I’m almost out of high school!
    But someone told me today that I could pass for a 12 year old.
    I’m on the yearbook staff.
    I like grammar and correcting little details that are painstakingly hard to fix.
    I’m probably way too involved in my school.
    I like Youtube a lot.
    I like puns a lot.
    I like the EntrePUNeur a lot.
    I like The Aux Cable a lot.
    I like a lot of things. I’m a very excitable person!


    Poulet Frit

    You can pass for twelve. And I have creepy people that are like “what are you? 25? You wanna go…” to which I lie and say I’m 17 and ask them to leave me alone and they start almost running away, cuz they don’t wanna go to jail


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I have no idea how old people think I am… usually younger than is actually the case.



    I’m getting the feeling more and more I’m the oldest one on the not forum at 22 in 11 days…



    But BASICALLY nice to meet ya BROOKE!


    Masøn M.

    I’m curious, does anyone remember that time when you were sitting at a restaurant and you ordered a drink and the waiter brought you a glass “Adult” cup for the first time?… I always felt like that was the start of my journey out of childhood lol…



    I honestly don’t remember. But I do remember getting mad when I was too old to ride in the grocery cart! (I had reached the age 5 limit).



    If that tells you anything, I hate growing up on many levels, lol


    Poulet Frit

    I hate growing up so much that for my sweet sixteen, I had Bob and Larry cakes.
    I don’t remember the moment when I got brought an adult cup, because since about age 7 I have been ordering off the adult menu (I eat a lot even back then)
    But I was so tall for my age my mom got a ticket for me being in a car seat because the police man said that I was too tall for it…I was 4 and weighed all of…25 lbs. I should’ve been in that car seat.
    Even to this day I avoid being an adult. I get kid’s menus and color them. Or I bring my own coloring book to restaurants. I get bored at work and start making things out of paper. If there isn’t a client at work and I need to go from point a to point be…I schootch (…that word) in my rolly chair.
    I WEAR A BUTTERFLY CAPE TO WORK!!! I refuse to grow up. I am a self proclaimed 5 year old and will forever be!!


    Poulet Frit

    Chris, you are not the oldest one. Matthew, angie, and possibly kumquat are older than you (not sure about kumquat….manalive smith…I’m not sure his age either)


    Poulet Frit

    I may have weighed more than 25 lbs at age 4. Idk…whatever 4 year Olds are supposed to weigh, I weighed about 5-10 lbs less than that. I was (and am) a twig


    Poulet Frit

    (Chris also forgot that he is GREAT at drawing…and I mean great. You see that picture by his name…yep he drew it!!)



    Oh, yeah, I like drawing. And that was over a year ago and that one took over two weeks to do with time constraints. I could do better now but I no longer have my Surface Pro 3 (saving up for a new one now). Thanks Kristen!


    Poulet Frit

    You may have stalked my fb and seen where a drew a picture of the demon nun that I was for Halloween. That took six hours of just drawing and thinking about quitting and wanting to rip in it half. 6 hours straight in a day. It was a long day.
    Does the surface pro 3 make it easier to draw? I don’t imagine you get the smudges from your hand on it, do you?



    Nope, I haven’t yet stalked your FB page. And with the Surface Pro, it has a glass screen, so there will be fingerprints and etc. on it. But for me its definitely easier to draw once you know what you’re doing. Took some practice for me to convert from physical art to digital. I use Photoshop and I can undo and test things out without worrying that I’ll mess up my picture (Just make sure you aren’t drawing on the same layer, lol).


    Poulet Frit

    If you do stalk my fb…I’m sorry.
    I see all these youtubers using things similar to the surface pro, and…they make it look so easy, so I didn’t know if it is that easy. If it’s worth the money. Etc.



    Um…I’m Shining Dawn. I’m extremely paranoid about internet things and have come up with a complete fake name (Dawn Glanz), and two fake email addresses. One to use YouTube and other sites, one to use for nonsense things (like Canva. Great decision. Will never use Canva in my life probably). (And my webcam is covered…)

    I LOVE reading, like I literally vanish into books and don’t see the light of day until I complete them. So that’s a problem with school. To prevent this from happening when things are due, I don’t read during the school year.

    I play volleyball competitively 😀 If anyone wants to get into a sport GO WITH VOLLEYBALL. So much fun :3

    BUT WE CAN’T FORGET ABOUT SMALL CREATURES!!! I love, love cats, and I love dogs, and any small thing I can hold (includes snakes and turtles and salamanders…tree frogs are adorable. Toads are fine.)

    BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! I love horseback riding!! I’ve been riding horses for the past 5 years now…I ride Western on a bay tobiano Paint if there are any other horse people who are curious 😀

    I really like watching a variety of YouTubers (Gamers, animations, BlimeyCow-PunDiddley-Entrepuneur-Adler), and I kinda want to start my own channel sometime….but I don’t know if that’s the greatest idea (because yknow graduation and college and possibly playing vb in college…PRIORITIES)

    That’s like a small biography. Enjoy 😀


    Poulet Frit

    …dawn has succeeded in life more than me

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