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    Poulet Frit

    I had a dream that I was wandering the grocery store for 30 minutes looming for chocolate milk (they were out). Instead I bought 50 wooden canes. So logic.
    (I secretly like chocolate milk every now and again) (why didn’t I just buy chocolate syrup???)

    Awkward Potato

    Hahahaha that’s great

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Hahahaha, canes? What?

    Poulet Frit


    Awkward Potato

    Because you cane, I guess…

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    She must be hooked.

    Brooke AC

    I seem to have run out of lyrics


    Change for

    Masøn M.

    I’m afraid of letting more threads collect dust…

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I’m scared of people.

    Masøn M.

    I’m scared of people finding out I’m scared of people.

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Also that.


    I’m scared of finding out that all I’ve done was a mistake.

    Masøn M.

    I’m scared of my own image
    Scared of my own immaturity
    Scared of my own ceiling
    Scared I’ll die of uncertainty

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Wow, how original.

    Masøn M.

    Such original. Much wow.

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Oh yes.

    Awkward Potato

    So indeed.


    I am scared that I will always care about people to much,
    That I will always be this naïve trusting person who believes every lie and such.
    I am scared that no matter how much I see someone is just not meant to be
    That I will continue to love that person because I love them so much and I want them to see
    I am scared my heart isn’t strong enough, I am scared that maybe I will just breakdown in tears
    I am scared that no matter how much I care for anyone no one will ever truly care or love me for more than a year

    The counter to this fear, the medicine I take
    The joy that can fill me is the love God creates
    I know that He has everything already planned,
    But sometimes I feel lost at sea and I’ll never find land.
    Gods got the whole world in His hands and He wants me to go
    To spread His love to others and some how show
    That God loves us all so much He gave His Son
    That His Son came and died, His son, the ONLY one,

    It also helps when I remember who raised me
    God gave me a loving, beautiful and big family,
    A mama who cares, always tucked us in,
    My daddy who works hard, with a crooked grin,
    But don’t let him scare you with the story of that dog bite
    He got it when he was young and playing in daylight,
    I have three sisters, and a strong force are we
    Two little brothers, one who is taller, the other one at my knee.

    So my prayer is that God helps me see
    No matter how small I am or scared I be
    That I was not given a spirit of fear
    But one of love, strong power, sound mind, and please hear,
    That God can love you just as He loves me
    If you open your eyes and see.

    -Rebekah Longacre orginal poem

    Masøn M.


    LOL, smh haha

    Awkward Potato

    Ok I’m legit crying. That was beautiful.


    Thanks Ap

    Jeff Ross

    I really enjoyed Bekah’s poem, but I wasn’t sure how to respond to it at the time of its posting, as Masøn’s response encapsulated what my reaction was.

    This past evening I wrote what I intended to be a rap song, but I haven’t found a good tune for it yet, so I’ll just post it here as a poem for now. (Pardon the near-rhymes; they sound more like real rhymes when I recite them aloud.) It’s not a direct response to Bekah’s poem, but the fact that she wrote a poem indirectly encouraged me to write this poem. Without further adieu:


    You know, there are many lyrics out there
    That cater to the depressed, those in despair,
    But I would rather hear sung a stellar song
    About those who persevered long and came out strong

    The people who could’ve quit
    But they didn’t even think of it
    The people who chose to sacrifice
    Their feelings in order to survive

    They glance at their troubles, then begin movement
    Seeking for optimal ways to work through them
    Choosing to concentrate on what comes once they’re solved
    Instead of the present pain that drains them of resolve.

    Some of you receiving my communication
    Are focused on your failures and your frustrations
    But I’m telling you to focus on something bigger
    Because there’s more to life than worry and fear.

    Do you know how many deadly germs abound?
    Yet we survive and thrive as if they weren’t around
    Because it doesn’t matter the strength of the foe
    If inside of you lies the antidote

    Stop dwelling on your problems and your insecurities
    Acknowledge them, address them, but then let these
    Words of wisdom be your guiding light:
    The shadow of a guy in a t-rex suit can’t bite.

    You may have real problems, but if you aren’t dead
    Then it’s obvious to me that God’s not finished yet
    Push yourself forward while time is still ticking
    Consider yourself blessed for the life that you’re living

    So many people have gone to the grave
    Wishing they had the chance to switch with your place
    So count your blessings and look to endure this stage
    That when you come out of it, you may encourage

    Others who suffer with a short-sighted perspective
    For someday you’ll be able to offer this directive:
    Ask not, “What can I do???” but “What can I do?”
    That viewpoint on life will help get you through

    For it’s not about the gifts you have currently
    But the things that you do with them, for assuredly
    No one achieves by merely having capability
    Rather it’s those who do, despite any inability.

    Now as you go, consider the words I have uttered
    And remember that everyone who has lived has suffered
    But those who’ve succeeded chose not to dwell
    On the past nor on others nor on the hypothetical

    They instead focused on what God had blessed them with
    And they used the “here and now” to positively influence
    The world encompassing them and the future conditions
    Of all those affected by their present actions.

    Fix what you can, delegate as you need,
    Control what is yours, and be relieved
    That it’s not your job to worry about
    The things you can’t control. Message over; I’m out.

    Masøn M.

    Wow. That would be a fantastic rap, but first and foremost it is just straight up fantastic…


    Bravo Jeff that was amazing. I love it! I have recently discovered a love for poetry I think it’s the musician in me. I know you said it wasn’t directly to my poem but in a way I saw his it was. I hope that I am chosing to focus on the right stuff and not the bad. I hope my poem made that clear

    Milk Monster


    Jeff Ross

    It’s spoiled.

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