Brooke AC v. Masøn M. (March FACEoff 2.2)

Brooke AC v. Masøn M. (March FACEoff 2.2)

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    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Welcome to the March FACEoff! Today’s matchup is Brooke AC vs. Masøn M!
    Some house rules:
    One vote per person
    If you are in a matchup, you may not vote or threaten the lives of voters.
    If you wish to vote for Brooke AC, comment Brooke. If you wish to vote for Masøn M, comment Mason.
    Polls will be open for roughly 24 hours. Please do not use this thread for anything except voting until polls are closed.
    Please remember that your vote should be for whoever you think is the biggest fan of the Aux Cable, and no other criteria should come into play. If you have questions, consult the March FACEoff thread. Happy voting!


    Poulet Frit



    Awkward Potato

    It’s so hard to choose…but Brooke


    Josiah the Carrot Stick



    Masøn M.

    Err ner, I lose in 30 minutes lol…


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I’ll probably leave it up longer so that we hopefully get more than 3 votes.


    Poulet Frit

    (I will text Olivia and tell her to vote)






    I forgot about the polls today 🙁



    I will hold my peace because I don’t know.



    Ugh. I hate to be the tie breaker. It been easy for Mason last week, but I’m now getting to know Brooke as well. I’ll flip a coin.
    Heads: Mason
    Tails: Brooke

    And I got… TAILS.

    Sorry Mason, vote goes to Brooke this time.


    Poulet Frit

    This us beautiful right here. It came down to a coin flip. Dang, that was by far the hardest vote


    Poulet Frit



    Masøn M.

    Well, I prefer to be beaten due to a coin flip… I surrender my place… Congratulations, Brooke…


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I’ll probably leave it up until the episode is out in case they talk about the FACEoff.


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Polls are now closed.


    Brooke AC

    Thank you, Mason! You were certainly a worthy match!


    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Mmhmm… he was.





    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Ah, yes. The thread that made us go insane.


    Brooke AC

    And hurt you



    Gets dumb


    Jeff Ross

    In this thread, we learn the power of a coin flip.

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)

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