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    Masøn M.

    Even if I only ASMRed the whole time, man was it fun…

    Joshua S.


    Jeff Ross

    I recapped the important parts of the discussion on a different thread. As for the fun parts, I have one quote to share:

    According to Brooke, “When in D.C., bring your own food.” [In context, she was referring to the expense of all of it and the questionable quality of some of it.]

    I think this means we can rule out having Auxcon in the District of Columbia.

    Joshua S.

    So do we want to try mini auxcon today?

    Jeff Ross

    I say no for tube reasons:
    1. I have prior commitments this evening and won’t be there.
    2. It’s the night of Daylight Saving Time when we lose an hour of sleep. Bad time to stay up late on a Saturday night.

    Joshua S.

    Hey do we want to call over the weekend?


    We do need to start getting organized for the fancast.

    Jeff Ross

    I’m available Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening. I’m fine if everyone Skypes without me on Saturday, though. As long as we’re making progress…

    Awkward Potato

    I won’t be available until at the latest Sunday afternoon and even that’s debatable. But if someone recaps I can offer suggestions/feedback etc.

    Joshua S.

    So does anyone want to chime in?


    I may or may not be available on Saturday or Sunday. No guarantees.

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    Yeah same, my brother might be coming, I’m not really sure.

    Jeff Ross

    There is most likely to be a call on April 6, 2018.

    Jeff Ross

    There was a call on April 6, 2018. Highlights included:

    Bekah going to the store

    Brooke & her mother

    AP’s hair

    Bekah and her chickens

    Masøn & ASMR

    Angie’s first F.A.C.E. Skype appearance

    Meeting of the Blanket-Wearers (or I.C.E.)

    Apologies for not publishing the notes sooner. I procrastinated, forgot, and just now remembered to retrieve them from the Word document in which they were stored.

    Jeff Ross

    For a physical AuxCon, I’d like to bring this exchange into remembrance.

    First the question:

    Then the answer:



    Jeff Ross

    There was a call that lasted from April 27, 2018 to April 28, 2018, a six-hour call. Appearances were made by Jeff Ross, Franklin, Joshua S., Dawn, Masøn M., Josiah the Carrot Stick, AuxCableAngie, Sarah Iddings, Bekah, and Awkward Potato.

    Notable moments in the call included software that teaches typing & flying trains, ASMR dish-drying with Masøn, the “doughnut earth theory” discussion, Franklin’s newly acquired old books, an I.C.E. meeting, the horror and relief when Bekah spilled her grandmother’s ashes but then successfully put them back, and AP discussing her college decision process (very interesting to hear about it from a potato’s point of view).

    Jeff Ross

    There was a 4.5-hour call that took place on June 3, 2018 (possibly June 4, 2018 as well, depending upon time zone) that included appearances by Brooke AC, Poulet Frit, Josiah the Carrot Stick, Sarah Iddings, Dawn, Ryan Matlock, Franklin, Masøn M., Joshua S., Awkward Potato, SuperChris01, Explosive Yeast, Jeff Ross, and AuxCableAngie. This was the first time that either Ryan or Matthew made an appearance in the F.A.C.E. Skype chat.

    Jeff Ross

    There was a roughly 2.5-hour call that took place on August 18, 2018, as well as a “pre-call” that lasted for a little more than 45 minutes earlier that day. A highlight of the main call was the F.A.C.E.s playing Geoguessr.

    This was the first set of Mini-AuxCon Skype calls that I missed in entirety, including the ones not registered here on the Not-Forum.

    Awkward Potato

    Other highlights from the main call:
    -finding out that Stonehenge is not, in fact, in northern England (which was part of GeoGuessr)
    -Tyler Joseph’s first tweets since the end of the tøp hiatus
    -discussion of Josiah making a horror movie of himself in the dark (since he had no lighting other than his computer and looked ghostly)
    -Joshua’s ukulele playing
    (I’m not sure who was on the afternoon call, but the evening call was Masøn M., Josiah the Carrot Stick, Franklin, Joshua S., Awkward Potato, and Shay)

    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    I still stand by my saying Stonehenge was in Northern England was a good guess

    Jeff Ross

    Oh, look, this thread hasn’t been utilized in awhile… time to make up for lost time:

    On August 12-13, 2019, the F.A.C.E.s conducted a ten-hour-long Skype call, setting a new group record, with appearances from at least ten different F.A.C.E.s at various times during the call. No one F.A.C.E. was actually on the call the entire time, although I was there for most of it, taking some notes about what went on. Here is a summary:

    Bekah’s Dad prancing in the background

    Unboxing a sustain pedal for a keyboard

    “How to get away with killing a piano”

    AP’s earrings and how she got them

    Barbara Manatee

    Awkward Potato’s Valley Girl Accent (and other accidental accents)

    Bekah and AP’s little pictures

    Bekah’s extra tiny hand

    Appearances from Bekah’s younger siblings

    Looking at the chat, there appeared to be a political discussion with Josiah, but I missed it

    Shay and her podcasting & releasing ambitions for this school year

    Joshua and long-lasting helium birthday balloons

    Shay showcased some of her drawings

    The Skype call was so long that both Blimey Cow and the EntrePUNeur released videos, but they had to wait for most of us as the Skype call took priority

    Shay’s mother, sister, and dog all came to say “hi” at various times

    Purple Panda feeding “a bunch of birds” and the story of feeding a dead fish

    Thinking about playing the ukulele while upside down

    Purple Panda showed off some of her “typography”

    The color of blood and people’s insides

    Eyelash length determines femininity

    Angie’s haircut

    At one point, Skype kicked us all off (roughly the 6.5 hour mark), but we resumed immediately without a hitch and did not consider it the start of a new call

    Idea for an Aux Cable film contest parody for a commercial

    Stories of how we found the Aux Cable & Inner Tube podcasts

    Dorito ASMR

    AP’s AIO trading cards

    Coming up with a contrived scenario for an “Angie doing ASMR” Aux Cable episode

    “Being irresponsible” (and how tame F.A.C.E.s being irresponsible is compared to the rest of the world)

    Late night laughing

    Skype Auto-fill discussions

    “Boop” as a greeting

    Thinking about why “host” rhymes with “most” and not “lost”

    New Skype emojis

    My computer overheated, kicking me off, and when I returned, there was immediately an accidental screenshot

    Learning all about slumber parties

    Various misspellings of my name (for such is considered quality entertainment in the wee hours of the morning)

    Purple Panda woke up in order to watch a meteor shower… and found the call was still going on because we were waiting for her

    Concluding the ten-hour-long Skype call with “ten” puns (words with “ten” in them, like “atTENtion”)

    There were other things that I could have included in this summary, but some of them aren’t suited for being presented out-of-context, and some of them weren’t very memorable. What I have here, though, is plenty for now. Thank you to all the F.A.C.E.s who took some time out of their schedules to participate in this record-setting event. 🙂

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