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Kirsten: I’m going for a biology degree and a minor in business because I want to be a veterinarian. And it really depends on how you define success. You have a steady job, doing your best, and you’re having fun with every moment you live. I don’t have a job, and I’m not spontaneous. You can’t call someone a failure unless they aren’t trying.

Brooke AC: I’m involved in so many things 0.0 I didn’t list them all. It’s kinda tiring having so many different things you love and enjoy doing, but nothing you’re PASSIONATE about. I am a senior 😀 but my age….may not be what you think. After all, I’m homeschooled. I can tell you I skipped at least one grade. (but maybe I got held back one?) MWAHAHA!!! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW! *insert evil smile here*

I’m 5’5″…and a little on the skinny side. My brother’s convinced I’m short. I’m convinced I’m average height. You may judge for yourselves.

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