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Brooke AC

Nice to meet you too, Chris! And that’s really cool that you like drawing! I should probably add in here that I’m planning on being a graphic design student in the fall. With yearbook, I’m more logos, layout, infographics, and typeface-oriented, but I do like drawing as well! Do you treat your Surface Pro as more of a tablet? Or do you have any recommendations? My friend and I are both looking for a good device to use for digital art.

And Dawn, I’m connecting the dots haha. So you’re Shining Dawn? I thought that was you when you mentioned noticing me in Adler’s live stream chat, but I wasn’t sure. I totally get the not reading during school thing and the wanting to Youtube thing. You’re involved in so much stuff, though! Are you a senior in high school, too? Or do you not want to say?

I’m pretty average height and weight, but I’ve always been small compared to the people I know, and I look a lot younger.

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