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Poulet Frit

So, Smith, unless you have been stalking the notforum, you won’t know this.

I have the vfd symbol tattooed on my left ankle. All the tattoos I have and are planning on getting have meanings. The SoUE tattoo that I have is meaningful because it was the first book series I ever read. And if it was never a thing. I would probably never have gotten the love for reading that I have…and therefore wouldn’t be who I am.

Count Olaf was my childhood role model, I always wanted to be part of his gang. I plan on reading the books to my future children and scaring them with my tattoo.

Where I stand on the movie:
Olaf was funny and it’s good as a stand alone movie, but it was so far from the books.

Where I stand on the netflix show:
Beautiful. I love olaf and casting is perfect!! Cannot wait for season 2! SoUE is finally getting what it deserves….a good rendition. They introduced some things way too early. But I understand why. In the books lemony just…dumps everything on you at once.

I have reread the series about 4 times. Yes I read the whole page of “ever”s looking for a misspelling. Yes I read that one chapter that lemony said to skip, saying nothing important was in there. Yes it is my life.

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