Weekly Recommendations! 04/01/17

Weekly Recommendations! 04/01/17

Welcome to another edition of  Weekly Recs!! (That’s short for ‘recommendations’.)

Ryan here, bringing you something amazing to enjoy! I am a bit late but better late than never!

Also, a quick note: I realize this is coming out on April Fools. No, there is not any falsified information or misleading content in this article.

Note over. Time for my recommendation!

Ryan Recommends…

The Geek Wave Youtube channel!

Created by Thomas Dunn, this channel impressed me the first video I watched. Thomas makes videos that are seriously funny and creative.

He reminds me a lot of myself, having a show called “Thoughtless Thursdays” which seems to take a cue from “Messy Mondays” from BlimeyCow. Having started YouTube-ing myself by parodying Messy Mondays, I really enjoy this guy’s content. It’s even better than mine was just starting out.

Sometimes I wonder if he watches Fantastic Fridays; maybe I should ask him. But anyway, he’s seriously killing it! Doing a great job with anything from Trashing Trailers to skits to Messy Mondays style videos.

Thomas is also a fellow member of the Inner Circle, the exclusive creators’ group created by Inner Tube hosts Josh Taylor and Kevin McCreary.

To find The Geek Wave,  visit his YouTube channel!

Matthew Recommends…

That you come on back next week to hear HIS top pick.


  1. Fun Fact: The Geek Wave’s podcast video is what told me about The Aux Cable… Guys, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here…

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