Weekly Recommendations – 05/19/17

Weekly Recommendations – 05/19/17

Who doesn’t love beautiful pictures? I know I do! They can be so inspiring. So this week I recommend…


A friend first showed me this website last year and I was instantly a fan. Unsplash features a curated feed of incredible looking photos that regularly sees new additions. What’s great about Unsplash is that you can use the photos for anything you’d like! Set a photo as your desktop background or use one in a blog post. We often use photos from Unsplash for our episode banners here on our website.

Unsplash also offers a Chrome extension that will show a random photo in each new tab that you open. I have this installed on all of my computers and I really like it! Sound fun? Download the extension from their website.

Check out Unsplash!

Ryan Recommends…

Check back next Friday for something new from Ryan!


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