Weekly Recommendations 04/08/17

Weekly Recommendations 04/08/17

It’s that time again! The time when either Ryan or myself forgets to make a recommendation post on Friday, so we write it up on Saturday instead. 😉 Let’s jump in.

Matthew Recommends…

The Irrelevant Show!promo-irrelevantshow

I have another podcast to share with you! The Irrelevant Show is a Canadian sketch comedy show that is recorded in front of a live audience. Featuring an ensemble cast performing a variety of parodies, original pieces, and other absurd stories that is sure to at least make you chuckle. And it’s family friendly!

Each episode also features a special musical guest that performs comedic songs about anything from eating everything in sight, to using “reply all” on an email, to randomly changing key and tempo during performance. It’s a riot!

Here’s the official description of the podcast:

From the frustrations of daily life, to the absurdities of pop culture, to absurd flights of fancy, you never know where the Irrelevant Show will take you next. Award-winning comedy recorded before a live audience in Edmonton, [Alberta].

Some of the highlights currently available on their podcast feed right now include: “Bob Ross Audio Podcast”, “Casual Batman”, “Extreme Wedding”, “Airplane Bathroom”, and “Litterbox that Says I Love You”. With such a wide variety of comedy and topics, The Irrelevant Show is a must listen podcast for anyone!

To listen and subscribe to The Irrelevant Show, visit their website.

Ryan Recommends…

That you check with him next week, possibly on Friday, but likely on Saturday. 😉


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