033: Can Guys and Gals be “Just Friends” and Freelance Media Production

033: Can Guys and Gals be “Just Friends” and Freelance Media Production

How do you go about getting long-term clients as a freelance content creator? Ryan and Matthew share their experiences and advice! But first… Can girls and boys be “just friends”? Maybe. Or maybe not!

Question of the Week

What do you think? Can girls and boys be “just friends”? Or would romantic feelings inevitably get in the way? Tell us by commenting on our website or tweeting at us with #AuxCableFriends.


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  1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but why in the world couldn’t guys and girls be “just friends?”

    1. I got 28 minutes in before I had to get out of bed. (Yes, I am using this comment to remember where I left off)

  2. Yes boys and girls can be platonic friends, but often times there are some awkward moments and I don’t advise hanging out one on one or people talk.

    1. (Sorry if I onto what you arw saying)
      People do talk. And them talking can put a thought in your head that…maybe you do like them.
      And there is always the possibility down the road that you may end up liking them.

      1. Sorry if I add onto what you are saying***
        (Cat stepped on my phone while I was typing)

  3. Not easy to be just friends with a girl unless you’re like 10 or something

    1. It’ll get easier as you grow up and mature. Sometimes there are people like me, where I am good at being friends with guys, but bad at being friends with girls (despite being a girl). Becoming just friends with someone like that will help teach you how to be just friends with a girl (vice versa for those who are girls). There is a learning curve to it, you just have to be willing to be mature and grow.
      Being your age, Kai, is hard. I couldn’t imagine being your age, nowadays. When I was your age, about 7 years ago, life was so different. Times have changed so fast. I know there is pressure to have a gf/bf, but in reality, it rarely lasts until marriage. It’s much better to focus on school and family, trust me.

  4. Guys and girls can be just friends. I have plenty of guy friends that I’m not interested in (probably never will be) and they feel the same way. One of my guy friends is practically my brother.
    Most girls I know find it easy to be friends with a guy and not be interested at all.
    Most guys I know are the same way.
    “Girl friends”, with that little space we like to call the friend zone, are a normal thing.
    If it wasn’t, and no girl could be platonic with a guy, that would’ve switch off because of marriage. Yes, there are girls out there that fall for every guy they see, and there are guys out there that are the same way, but that’s not how life works most of the time. Most people, I’ve found, if their head is in the right spot, and they are not on the hunt for a bf/gf, then platonic relationships are possible.

    1. Wouldn’t*
      It wouldn’t switch off because of marriage.
      And I would like to add that it’s probably a maturity thing as well. But I’ve hung out with mainly guys (sometimes nothing but guys) my whole life. I get along easier with them and for the most part have always been considered as “one of the bros”.

  5. If you were forced to open a bakery?
    Don’t you mean if you had the kneed to open one?

  6. Guys and girls can totally be just friends. One of my friends is a guy and he’s really sweet and funny. I think it’s good to hang out with guys and other friends too so you’re not alone together and so the relationship is still pure.

    1. Welcome to the comments! You are welcome to join us in the Not-forum as well!

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