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Poulet Frit

I agree, kumquat.

Part of me, being a woman, can understand why, in some circumstances, women decide to have an abortion. (I’m talking about rape and such, not just unwillingness to raise a child). Would I? No. Not even in that circumstance. And no abortion isn’t the answer. But guys are getting away with rape. So I could see, how a woman who was hurt by a man in such a way, that just got the news that she has his child in her, would be…at the end of her ropes. But that’s why we need more support for woman who have been hurt in such a way, and the children of those women, and harsher punishment for the men.

You know that guy in…I believe it was west virginia. That killed the baby by doing absolutely awful things to it….I was all for him being hung. That isn’t the right answer either. Abortion is just as bad as someone being hung, except it’s worse, because the baby is innocent.

And at NO POINT should a child be murdered (before or after birth) because it has down syndrome, epilepsy, etc. Never. Inexcusable.

I do not support abortion. It’s wrong. It needs to be illegal. And if that needs to start on a state level, then by all freaking means!

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