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Ryan and Matthew Appreciation Station Day 2018:

Recorded Segments:
Intro* Jeff – Received Other – TBD Unedited

Jeff and Mystery Guest(Swim in Water Tower) Jeff – Received Mystery
Guest – Received Edited and cleaned, Censorship missing.
Sweet Tea Josiah – Received Brooke – Pending Franklin Received Unedited
Dumped in Woods Jeff – Received
Joshua – Received
Sarah – Received Edited and cleaned
WW3 Island Nation* @]#Q *A64#(QW(3)%$ Ww45 W%$ wr%W$ Uh… Check back later… @%^@N[ $%3GJW
Cold Fries AP – Received
Chris – Pending
Jeff – Received Unedited
Commercial* Jeff – Received
Dawn – Received
AP – Received
Mason – Received
See Notes Unedited
Random (Pointless!?) Facts with FACES* Pending – Pending
Happy Ryan and Matthew Appreciation Day!* Joshua – Received
Others – UNKNOWN Pending Tangible

Manalive has a segment which is pending. He will likely take the Hot Air Balloon question.
There are other segments that are missing here, but I don’t have much information on them, so they’re up in the air.
Intro Notes: For the intro we’ll need everyone to send in a clip of them saying ‘EVERYTHING!’ If you sent a clip in for the Christmas episode then you’re good, otherwise please send one in.
Happy Ryan and Matthew Appreciation Day notes: This might just be everyone saying, ‘Happy Ryan and Matthew Appreciation Station Day’. Please feel free to discuss doing more for it though. It will probably be part of the intro.
WW3 Island Nation: The WW3 question was answered, but there were some… interesting audio issues that might mean completely rerecording it.
Commercial notes: If you haven’t heard about this, check the Not-Forum’s Collaboration Station Thread for more details: Even if you have recorded and sent audio, check to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Franklin will probably notify you if he needs audio/more from you.
Random (Pointless!?) Facts with FACES Notes: We’re looking to have a skype call for this one. If you wish to participate in it, make sure you have the time and have facts ready.
Final Notes/Summary:
Jeff is helping to edit; Franklin is adding effects.
The Living On the Sun question is unavailable.
There will likely be an outro segment. Franklin will discuss this more with Jeff.
We are looking at a much longer podcast this time. Not all segments have been recorded and others will be rerecorded, so an estimate is unavailable. It has been exciting to work with everyone again, and then some!

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