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Jeff Ross

Here is my first draft on a commercial for the fancast. It’s based upon Episode 039, the 17:03-20:41 mark. I would like input on what improvements to make to it. I already recorded sample audio for the main character “Kevin”, so getting an imitation station voice isn’t going to be a problem, even if I have to re-record it. Let me know what you think.

We interrupt this fancast to bring you a message from our sponsor:

Hi. I’m Kevin Fear The Man Huge. If you’re anything like me, you love the Aux Cable. I mean, really love the Aux Cable. So much so that you’d consider yourself a Aux Cable Enthusiast, neigh, a Fanatical Aux Cable Enthusiast. But unlike me, you haven’t joined the community of F.A.C.E.s on the Not-Forum yet, located at Why? You don’t know how to introduce yourself to the fandom. You’re not sure what to say; what if you mess up and reveal that you don’t actually know everything EVERYTHING about the show?

Well, today I’m happy to announce, from the creators of dairy censorship and the patronage thread comes the latest in ffffanatical fffriendship innofffation: Aux Cable Pick-up Puns!

These handy little ice-breakers can be used to start conversation stations with any F.A.C.E. and will get your not-relationships off to a stellar start. Just listen to these testimonials:

Hi, I’m Dawn Glanz and before Aux Cable Pick-up Puns, I was tube timid to join the Not-Forum. Now I have unbridled confidence in being TOPHAT’s Holder of Horses.

Hi, I’m Awkward Potato, but even I didn’t seem awkward when I used a pick-up pun on the Not-Forum. Now I embrace my role as TOPHAT’s official Hug Dealer.

Hi, I’m Josiah the Carrot Stick, and I’ve been here the whole time. But I do like pick-up puns!

Now that you’ve heard the testimonials, here’s a sample of successful pick-up puns:

Wow, you’re so enthusiastic about the sound of Ryan’s voice! You don’t soundboard to me. 🙂

Did you hear about that large flock of female sheep that listen to the Inner Tube? I think it was a Mass Eweb Herd.

Botswana…{I know there’s potential here, but I didn’t come up with one for Botswana yet.}

I traveled into the future and saw Matthew Bird’s baby’s bed. It was nicknamed the Hawks’ Cradle.

That’s just a sample of pick-up puns that can be yours for the low, low price of up to $16 thousand dollars now. That may seem expensive, but they’re cooler than the ice chest pillow and high quality puns like these are priceless.

Guys, let me just take a second to be real with you, and nothing is more real than eating a sandwich.
I just finished my sandwich, guys!

Don’t let the F.A.C.E.s down; get Aux Cable Pick-up Puns! Visit the Not-Forum to find out if it’s not for you today.

What even are these?

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